A. Romeo Horton College of Business and Public Administration (BBA/BPA)

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College Overview

The A. Romeo Horton College of Business and Public Administration, formerly College of Business and Public Administration was established in 1970 and became the fifth constituency college of five undergraduate degree granting colleges of the University of Liberia. Since its establishment, the college awards degrees in the following disciplines: Accounting, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Economics, Bachelor of Science (BSc), Management, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), and Public Administration, Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA).

Consistent with its overall objective of granting degrees in the above disciplines, the primary objective of the College is the provision of training to meet the manpower needs of the Liberian society for the fostering of national development. Since its founding, the college has aligned its objectives with the two-fold mission of the University: training and research up to present.

About the Dean

Assoc. Prof. Hnady J. Kolenky, an academic, administrator and a nationalist is a 1980 graduate from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, USA, and holds a Masters of Public Administration (MPA) with about forty (40) years of experience serving as an administrator and educator, Prof. Kolenky currently serves as Dean of the A. Romeo Horton College of Business and Public Administration. Amongst several positions held in the public sector, she has served the Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA), where she rose from the position of Development Specialist in 1980 to Director of Training Programs in 1989, at which time she left to join a UNDP Capacity Building Project at the former Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs (MoPEA). She served the Adventist Development & Relief Agency as Women in Development Coordinator from 1992 to 1996. As an academician, Assoc. Professor Kolenky has provided numerous consultancies including organizing and conducting workshops and seminars to enhance institutional capacity in both public and private institutions.

College Administrative Staff


Assoc. Prof. Hnady J. Kolenky



+231 (770)15585/0886519681  



Mr. Lamie A. Sallay


College Coordinator


(886) 768563/0776-768563



4. Administrative Assistant ­-
3. Mr. Augustus K. Sumo Record Officer/Dean’s Office 0886-416-111
4. Mr. Othello G. Yeayen Messenger 0770-677421

College’s Record Office

5. Mr. Sam S. Cooper Supervisor 0886-129-740/0776-245-193
6. Mrs. Janet K. Farngalo Record Officer 0886-578-657
7. Mr. Clarence B. Dennis Record Officer 0886-945051//0777-575921 clarencedennis6@gmail.com
8. Richmond Y. Colman Record Officer 0886-595-494
9. Mr. Arthur S. Nebo Record Officer 0776-212-175


Department of Accounting

The Department of Accounting, chaired by Instructor F. Edward Davies, offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BBA) in accounting which students earn by completing a minimum of 136 and 137 credit hours before qualifying for graduation. The entire program requires eight (8) semesters with each semester containing sixteen (6) weeks. The Department of Accounting became one of the first integral departments of the College in the same period the College came into existence. It became institutionalized in 1976 after approval of the Faculty Senate as a result of a recommendation for its establishment in 1975. In addition to the below full-time faculty, the Department currently has a part-time strength of about 34 part-time faculty members:


Full-Time Faculty of the Department of Accounting

1 Charles Wilson Asst. Professor 0776093370 charleswilson5062@yahoo.com
2 Foday Kamara Asst. Professor 0776929012
3 F. Edward Davies Chairman 0777011210 davies11f.edward@ymail.com
4 H. Edillius Barbue Instructor 0886574099
5 Edward Cuffy Instructor 0770199132 cuffy.edward@gmail.com
6 Jesse Korboi Instructor 0886513618 jbkorboi@gmail.com
7 Othello D. Blamoh Instructor 0776313343 othelloblamoh19@gmail.com
8 Sam S. Sherman Instructor 0886550325 gbenzohn2@outlook.com
9 Alex Cuffy Instructor 0886839586 wlehnyne@gmail.com
10 Joseph Blamah Instructor 0777522274 josephblamah@yahoo.com
11 Moore M. Cooper Instructor 0886449325 moorecooper0971@yahoo.com
12 Bernard Bropleh Instructor 0886617023 tiedibro@yahoo.com
13 Anthony V. Mallay Teaching Assistant 0888488977
14 Jimmy P. Fallah Teaching Assistant 0777440738 fallahjimmy6@gmail.com


Department of Economics

The Department of Economics, currently chaired by Asst. Prof. Reginald W. Fannoh is one of the oldest disciplines introduced as far back as the days of Liberia College. However, it did not become a full department until the early 1970s. The Department of Economics offers a four (4) year Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc.) in Economics. Like others, the entire program requires eight (8) semesters with each semester containing sixteen (6) weeks. Minimum credits required for graduation sums up to 136/137 Cr/hrs. The below are faculty members in the Department of Economics:


Faculty of the Department of Economics

1 Reginald W. Fannoh Asst. Prof./Chairman 0886528494 reginaldwfannoh@yahoo.com
2 Albertha B Yengbe Instructor II 0886516367 albert34706@yahoo.com
3 A. Richard Dorley Asst. Prof. 0886516418 ardorley57@yahoo.com
4 Alvin S. Jueseah(Study Leave) Instructor II 0888132677
5 Babah S. Conteh Instructor II 0886726210 bsconteh2007@gmail.com
6 Boima S. Kamara(Leave of Absent) Instructor I 0886516006 kamaraboima@yahoo.com
7 Charles Saygbe Instructor I 0886558626 charlesdsaygbe@yahoo.com
8 Christopher Wallace Instructor II 0886551633 chriswallace2@yahoo.com
9 Cyril Zaway Instructor II 0770271986 cyrilza2008@yahoo.com
10 Daniel Musah Instructor II 0777035348 danielmusa@yahoo.com
11 Darkie F. Mulbah Instructor II 0777186220 dfasumulbah@yahoo.com
12 Emily G. Frank Instructor II 0886535855 doyen79@yahoo.com
13 Ebenizer Z.  Gibson Instructor II 0886558879 gibsonzemanda@gmail
14 Edwin K. Tetteh Asst. Prof 0886522694 ektetteh@yahoo.com
15 Gabriel W. Bellepea Instructor II 0886527402 gabellepea@yahoo.com
16 Edna G. Johnny(Study Leave) Instructor II 0886982629 ejohnny53@yahoo.com
17 George B. Gould Instructor II 0886513017 kpantown2@yahoo.com
18 Harry N. Gassama Instructor II 0886582762 Harrgas2002@yahoo.com
19 J. Willlington Barchue Instructor II 0886564288 Jwbarch22005@yahoo.com
20 Jerry P. Barclay Instructor II 0886463283 esabarclay@gmail.com
21 Jackson P. F. Bonkie Instructor II 0880829239 Jackronpf2003@yahoo.com
22 Joseph R. S. Suloe Instructor II 0776282460 josephsuloe@yahoo.com
23 Justin Korvanyan Instructor II 0886585498 justinkorvayan@yahoo.com
24 Jackson S. W. Wolobah Instructor II 0777201356 Jswworlo16602@yahoo.com
25 Kelvin N. Doesieh Instructor II 0886577182 doesiehkelvin@yahoo.com
26 Kalilu K.  Trawally Instructor II 0886998881 kaliluktrawally@yahoo.com
27 Korvah A. Tarnue Instructor II 0886418765 Ktarnue809@gmail.com
28 Luopu Garmi Instructor II 0880393791 loupog@gmail.com
29 Mohammeh A.M. Sambolah Instructor II 0777073086 sambolism@gmail.com
30 Moses Gaygay Instructor II 0886518625 mogaygiya@yahoo.com
31 P. Mah Kruah Instructor II 0886522617 pmahkruah@yahoo.com
32 Rajie Adnan Instructor II 0886511284 hyuread@yahoo.com
33 Thomas, Nimely Toby Instructor II 0886746883 tnimelytoby@yahoo.com
34 Tom N. Chie Instructor I 0886569200 tomchie@yahoo.com
 35 Thomas Duoko(Sick Leave) Instructor II 0777912903
36 Samuel K. Ekyinabah Instructor II 0886421416 kwesiekyinabah@yahoo.com
37 Samuel F. Mulbah Instructor II 0886421416 mulbahsamuelf@gmail.com
38 Solomon B. Paye Instructor II 0886559737 Scholar8solo2@gmail.com
39 Supo Bono Teaching Asst. 0886525124 Supubono2@gmail.com
Administrative Secretary
1 Christiana G. Kpao Adm. Secretary 0770452760 christianakpao@yahoo.com


Department of Management

The Department of Management is currently chaired by Cllr. Edward K. Goba. The department offers a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BBA) in Management for a period of four (4) years, which is rolled out within eight (8) semesters. Candidates for graduation must complete a minimum of accumulated credit hours of 136/137. The department’s staff and faculty members are all full-time employees as indicated below except three (3) of its current faculty who are part-timers:


1. Cllr. Edward K.Goba Asst. Prof/Chairman 0886510126//0777510126 ekgoba@gmail.com
2. Abu B. Kamara Asst. Prof 0886468924 abu1943@yahoo.com
3. Cllr. Molley N. Gray Asst. Prof 0886553430 molleyngray56@yahoo.com
4. Boka Wreh Instructor 0886558661 bokawreh@yahoo.com
5. Clifford J. Young Instructor 0886514598 cliffordyoung360@gmail.com
6. Abiodun Gbalah Instructor 0886511460 abiodung18@yahoo.com
7. Richard H. Walker II Instructor 0886511433 richwalk2002@yahoo.com
8. R. Kofa Kloh Instructor 0886517660 rkofakloh@gmail.com
9. Theoway S. Nyema Instructor 0886529446 tnyema@yahoo.com
10. Samuel R. Monger Instructor 0886848678//0777274466 monger.samuel@yahoo.com
11. John B.Gbozee Instructor 0777535224 gbozee@yahoo.com
12. Cllr. James E. Jones Instructor 0886553560 judgejones1957@gmail.com
13. David B. Kwiyarhe Instructor 0886562889//0777422840 dbkwiyarhejr@yahoo.com
14. Christopher Slewion Instructor 0886513800//077571213 chriss.kortee@gmail.com
15. Cllr. Clarance Faikai Instructor 0886821578//0777138813 clarancefaikai@bfusa.com
16. Theodore Greene Instructor 0886515540//0777251992 greenetheo@yahoo.com
17.  Aaron B. Kparkillen Insturctor 0886521526//0777521526 aaronkparkillen@yahoo.com
18. Felix H. Antoine Instructor 0886564676 dedantoine@yahoo.com
19. John M. Gbalah Instructor 0886513837 abiodung18@yahoo.com
20. Emmanuel Vesselee Instructor 0886400868 emmanuelvesselee3@gmail.co
21. James N. Samokah Instructor 0886514150 ndorbor2017@gmail.com
22. Gayflor Y. Mulbah Instructor 0886528457//0775521652 mulbah.gayflor@yahoo.com
23. Angie Howe kamara Instructor 0886558983//0777558983 angie84howe@yahoo.com
24. Tsorpolor S. Ben Instructor 0888026805//0775586572 tbenliberia@gmail.com
25. Johnson Flomo Instructor 0886331353//0777002171 jtflomo@yahoo.com
26. Robert A. Norris Teaching Ast 0777005574 robertanorris47@yahoo.com
27. Joseph  Constance Teaching Ast 0886521149 Jhcons2006@yahoo.com
28. Kalvin W. Johnson Teaching Ast 0886526493//0777526493 kalvinwilmotjohnsonsr@yahoo
29. George D. Varkpeh Teaching Ast 0777063135 Varkpah2003@yahoo.com
30. Leon V. Buttel Teaching Ast 0886523417//0770523417 lvbuttel@gmail.com
31. Jallah M. Kingsley Teaching Ast 0886552869//0777552869 Kingsleysr.jallah@yahoo.com
32. Jenkins M. Fofana Teaching Ast 0886539449//0777173876 jmfofana@gmail.com

 Administrative Staff

1. Wakar Wayon Office Asst 0886244648//0777041804 wwayon@yahoo.com


Department of Public Administration

The Department of Public Administration established in August, 1977 is currently chaired by Instructor Richard S. Panton. Its key objectives are to prepare students for entry level positions in government and non-governmental sectors as well as prepare students with the education pre-requisites for graduate studies. Since its establishment, the department through its four (4) year academic program continues to award a Bachelor of Public Administration degree (BPA) to candidates who complete a minimum of 136/137 credit hours. The below are members of the department’s staff and faculty:


No Name Position Phone # E-mail


1 Richard S. Panton Chairman 0886544-591


2 E. J. Bofoh Doe Instructor 0777500-001
3 Mohammed M. Kiawu Instructor 0880523946
4 Arthur B. Sharpe Instructor 0777907-720


5 Tee-Harris Worlobah Instructor 0777581-142 teeharrisworlobah@yahoo.com
6 Prince W. Wisseh Instructor 0886741-299


7 Melvin S. Garpeh Full-Time TA 0886520-742 mgarpeh@gmail.com

Administrative Staff

8 Joseph Gono Adm. Secretary 0886783-910