In support of the University of Liberia’s development plans, the Alumni Association of the University of Liberia (AAUL) hosts a fundraising dinner today Monday, December 16, 2019, for a landmark project on the Fendall campus. This comes after the AAUL at home and in the United States unveiled a big collaborative investment plan last September, for the construction of a multipurpose center with a capacity to hold 10000 people. The facility, when constructed, would serve as a major source of revenue generation for the University of Liberia, according to Mr. James Davies, President of the AAUL in Liberia and Mr. Melvin D. Howard, AAUL President in the United States of America. This project is seen as a boost to the University’s strategies to generate resources, especially after breaking grounds recently to mobilize funds for UL’s 100th centennial state-of-the-art printing press that will augment the institution’s internal resource generation efforts. Mr. Davis said: “Ifthe Alumni builds a multipurpose center that can host 5000 people, the University might not want to take its big program to the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville. We want to construct a multipurpose center for the University of Liberia. And that is something that is being planned and will be undertaken by the Alumni Association in Americas and the Alumni Association here.” He indicated that the Alumni Association has a very big dream for the University, saying the cost for the construction of the multipurpose center is around US$600,000. Mr. Davis said the Association wants to identify 100 alumni or institutions that can commit themselves to give US$100 a month; and another 100 alumni or institutions that can commit themselves to give US$50 a month, and so on. According to him, the money will be given to the UL Administration and promised the Association will ensure the funds are raised in the next five years. The University Administration has launched a number of activities and projects since this year, some of which have been implemented to memorialize the 100th commencement celebration. Among them is the launch of the University Printing Press and the writing of a concise history of the University of Liberia. In August, the University’s 100th Commencement Committee announced that US$700,000 was needed to establish a printing press for the institution, thus is seeking public support to raise the funds. To make financial donations to the University’s project easy for members of the public, Alumni and others, the university’s account numbers provided include US dollars account #6101669741 and Liberian dollars account #6101652192 which are held at Ecobank Liberia.