The Confucius Institute is named after the great Chinese Scholar; philosopher and educator who lived in the third century BCE. Today, Confucius remains one of Chinese’s most influential individuals because of his ideals in establishing a strong and viable Chinese society. Confucius principles included a call for the introduction of a scholar/philosopher Chinese bureaucracy for an enlightened and efficient government. In one of his most popular works, the Analects, he called for virtue and responsibility in government. His ideas continue to guide and influence Chinese society and the world at large.

In recent years, the New China’s policies include the creation of Confucius Institute all over the world. These Institutes are mostly attached to institutions of higher learning in Asia, Africa, Americas and Europe. Young Chinese teachers are sent out to teach the Chinese language and culture to both young and old on all continents. Hanban has established 548 Confucius Institute and 1,193 Confucius classrooms and 5,665 teaching sites in 154 countries (regions). There are 59 Confucius Institute and 41 classrooms that have been established in 44 Africans countries.

The Confucius Institute at the University of Liberia was jointly established b Changsha University of Science and Technology and the University of Liberia in December 2008. With the aim to teach Chinese language and cultural to al interested persons in Liberia. The Confucius Institute is an ideal place for everyone who wants to learn Chinese language and culture. You are welcome to the Confucius Institute.

Goals and Objectives

As outlined by HANBAN the Chinese arm of government responsible for the creation and maintenance of Confucius Institute:

  • Teach and spread the teaching and ideas of Confucius.
  • Teach the Chinese language to students of the University of Liberia and all interested persons in Liberia.
  • To teach all aspect of Chinese experience viewed appropriate, relevant, and beneficial to Liberia.
  • Further the good relations between the people of the Republic of China and the people of the Republic of Liberia.
  • Cement the ties between the University of Liberia and the Changsha University of Science and Technology.
  • Further global peace and understanding in the world through educational, economic and, cultural exchange.


Academic Programs of the Confucius Institute