Academic Programs of the Confucius Institute

  1. Minor (UL students ONLY) 18credit hours.
  2. Foreign language requirement/ elective (UL student)
  3. Certificate (UL Students and the General Public)
  4. Diploma (UL Students and the General Public)


Duration of Programs

Certificate / Diploma (Tuition free)

  1. Certificate———————–3 semesters
  2. Diploma————————–4 semesters

NT: Teaching is conducted at the University of Liberia Capitol Hill Campus and Fendall Campus.


Founding members of Confucius Institute (2008)
Dr. M. Alpha Bah (deceased) Director
Duan Shenfen Co-Director
Dexter S. Sumo Admin. Assistance
Rolanda Summon (deceased) Typist/ Clerk
Fahn Z. Johnson Maintenance Officer

Confucius Institute Administrative Staffs and Officers

Grace N. Neufville Woto Admin. Assistant
J. Gbelley Brown Zanwonjah Secretary
Mildred L. Jones Office Assistant
Fahn Z. Johnson Maintenance Officer
Dexter S. Sumo (BBA, MSC, MPA) Director
Lui Xiaohui (MA) Co-Director
Zhang Xuemei (MA) Associate Professor (Visiting)
Fan Jinhong (MA) Associate Professor (Visiting)
Ma Ping (Ma) Associate Professor (Visiting)
Samuel K. Deyekeh (BA, MA) Lecturer/Coordinator
Zhong Jianhua (BSc) Lecturer (Visiting)
Fu Ping (Bsc) Lecturer (Visiting)
Wang Quian (BSc) Lecturer (Visiting)
He Yunjing (BSc) Lecturer (Visiting)
Yu Chunping (Bsc) Lecturer (Visiting)