Message from the Department Chair

On behalf of faculty, students and staff, I am pleased to welcome you to the Department of Physics at the University of Liberia. Our programs designed to help prepare you for a career of your choice. The department is committed to building a faculty of high academic profile in diverse fields of discipline to achieve its goals.

The department is a pleasant and productive place for students and faculty. Tutorial classes are organized for freshmen and sophomore students.

Studying physics is one of the most rewarding academic preparations for countless careers, job opportunities and understanding of how the world works, from the subatomic level to that of the vast universe. Courses in physics reveal the mathematical beauty of nature, strengthen analytical and quantitative reasoning and give students the ability to solve complex problems. Students completing undergraduate degree in physics either continue their study in graduate or professional schools, or pursue careers in industry, education, medicine, engineering, and finance.

About the Department

The Department of Physics is one of four departments of the Division of Natural Sciences of T. J. R. Faulkner College of Science and Technology located on the Fendall Campus in Louisiana, Montserrado County. Though the department offers courses for about 6,000 students every semester, it has a small-size of about 40 physics majors. The department has in its reading room a collection of over 2,200 books and periodicals and more than 100 e-books. The Internet can be browsed and e-books read from the department’s computers available to physics majors and faculty.


The Department has a full-time faculty of 13 members and several adjunct lecturers of diverse disciplines in physics and related fields. See below a listing of the full-time faculty, their fields of specialty and contact information.



Field of Specialty  




Phone Number  

Email Address

Alton Kesselly Astrophysics, Math Physics  

BSc, MSc, MSc




Bobby D. Sebo

(Department Chair)

Materials Science Physics  






Calvin A. Gaye Meteorology BSc, MSc Instructor
Christian O. Ben Condensed Matter Physics BSc, MTech  



Emmanuel Johnson  




Teaching Assistant  

Francis K. Gray Physics, Regional Plan. BSc, MSc Instructor 0776640547

John Y. Flomo Physics Education BSc Senior Lab. Dem. 0777300815
Joseph B. Jimmy Chemistry, Pharmacy BSc, B.Pharm, Post-Grad. Dip. Instructor 0777893213

Kokolo Ndebewillie Chemistry BSc Teaching Assistant 0776029647
S. Morris Cooper Geophysics, Regional Plan.  

BSc, MSc, PhD

Assistant Professor 0777866274
Shelton Beedoe Experimental Nuclear Physics BSc, MSc, PhD Assistant Professor 0777592945/

Stephen M. George Physics BSc Instructor 0777294591

Wolobah B. Sali Math Physics, Geophysics BSc, MSc, MSc Instructor 0770742656





Students who desire to enter programs in the Physics Department should apply to the Center for Testing and Evaluation of the University of Liberia (UL) to sit for the UL entrance and placement examination. Those who pass the examination are admitted to the colleges of their choice. Those who are already in another institution and wish to enroll at UL can apply directly to the Office of Enrollment Management of the University for transfer.

Financial Aid

The Department of Physics has limited financial aid for students in the form of assistantship, loan, and scholarship. Students who demonstrate academic excellence, exhibit good student leadership skills, or have serious financial needs can apply. Preference is given to junior and senior students, especially females.


The Department offers two degree programs, physics major with minor emphasis mathematics, and physics major with minor emphasis in chemistry. A Bachelor of Science Degree (BS.c) is earned in any one of these programs after a student has completed a minimum of 139 credit hours.

See below for courses that are offered in the Department.

Course No. Credits Course Name
Phys 105 3 Introductory Physics – I
Phys 111 1 Introductory Physics Lab – I
Phys 106 3 Introductory Physics – II
Phys 112 1 Introductory Physics Lab – II
Phys 205 3 Intermediate Physics – I
Phys 211 1 Intermediate Physics Lab – I
Phys 206 3 Intermediate Physics – II
Phys 212 1 Intermediate Physics Lab – II
Phys 311 3 Classical Mechanics – I
Phys 312 3 Classical Mechanics – II
Phys 313 3 Modern Physics
Phys 314 4 Optics
Phys 315 3 Mathematical Methods
Phys 316 3 Thermodynamics
Phys 411 4 Advance Electromagnetism – I (with lab)
Phys 412 4 Advance Electromagnetism – II (with lab)
Phys 413 4 Electronics for Scientist (with lab)
Phys 415 3 Quantum Mechanics
Phys 416 3 Solid State Physics
Phys 421 3 Special Topics
Phys 422 3 Project/Thesis