Graduate Program in Regional Planning (REPL)

Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science (MSc) in Regional Planning:
The mission of the Masters Science Program (MSc.) in Regional Science is to provide education for professional planning practice, to research and publish on planning-related issues, and to apply planning methods to improve the quality of life in communities and regions.

The Program is interdisciplinary, student-centered and participative, integrating scholarship and practice. It emphasizes the importance of creativity, public involvement, social justice, professional ethics, and environment sustainability.

Graduate Program in Business Administration

For the Degree of Master of Business Administration

  • Department of Banking and Finance – MBA
  • Department of Accounting – MBA
  • Department of Management – MBA

Graduate Program in Public Administration

 For the degree of Master of Public Administration

  •  Department of Public Administration – MPA

Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida School of International Studies

Curriculum Requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts (MA) in International Relations:

  •  Approaches to the Study of International Relations
  • Approaches to the Study of Political Theory
  • Survey of Comparative Government and Politics
  • Quantitative Political Analysis
  • Research Methods for Social Sciences
  • International Law
  • Leadership and Governance
  • Africa in World Politics
  • Politics of National Development and International Politics
  • The Political Economy of Underdevelopment
  • Government and Politics of Contemporary Africa
  • International Organizations and Administration
  • Foreign Policy Formulation and Implementation
  • Diplomacy and Negotiation
  • Dynamics of Contemporary Liberian Foreign Policy
  • Seminar: Foundations of Int’l. Peace and Conflict Resolution
  • Seminar: Decision Making in International Politics
  • Master’s Thesis

Graduate Program in Education   (GPED)

Master of Arts (MA) in Educational Administration and Supervision (EAS)

  • Foundation of Educational Leadership
  • Strategic Financial Planning & Policy for Educational Leaders
  • Administration in Liberian Education
  • Liberian Education Laws
  • Human Resource Development in Education
  • Educational Supervision
  • Master’s Thesis  

Master of Arts (MA) in Curriculum and Instructions (C&I) 

  • Improving Instruction
  • Inclusionary Classroom Practices
  • Curriculum Theories and Development
  • Advanced Educational Psychology
  • Educational Tests and Measurements
  • Group Processes in the Classroom
  • Monitoring and Evaluation in Education
  • Program Evaluation Theory and Models:
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Alternatives
  • Master’s Thesis

Kofi Annan Institute of Conflict Transformation (KAICT)

Academic Requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts (MA) in Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation: 

  • Introduction to Conflict Studies
  • Language Studies I
  • Defense, Security and Peace Building
  • Statistics for Decision Making
  • Leadership and Governance
  • Language Studies II
  • Non-violence, Trauma Healing, and Reconciliation
  • Research Methodology in Peace Studies
  • Community Development
  • Ethnology, Gender, and Human Rights
  • International Relations and Peace
  • Thesis Project

Academic Requirements for the Certificate & Diploma in

Conflict Transformation: 

  • Introduction to Conflict Analysis: The African Condition
  • Comparative Theories of Conflict Transformation & Development
  • Methods in Peace & Conflict Research
  • Leadership Development, Governance & Development
  • Gender Mainstreaming & the Role of Women in Peace Building
  • Transitional Justice Systems: Restorative, Retributive & Indigenous Justice Systems
  • Comparative Approaches to Trauma Healing & Reconciliation
  • Political & Social-Economic Environment of Liberia
  • Third Party Intervention: Theory & Practice
  • Human Rights & Rule of Law
  • Non-violence: Faith-Based, Philosophy & Practice
  • Religious and Identity-Based Conflicts
  • The Legal System of Liberia
  • Community Intervention, Social Change & Development
  • Community Mobilization & Education for Peace & Conflict Transformation