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Testing Center Holds Two-Day workshop for Examiners

UL Relations, Monrovia, Liberia, May 1, 2018– University of Liberia 2018 Entrance and Placement Examination Committee has ended a two-day testing and evaluation workshop for more than

UL Entrance Exam and Aptitude Test

The University of Liberia Testing and Evaluation Center announces that the UL Entrance Exam and Aptitude Test administered to 5,477 candidates will be released on Friday, September

Second Entrance and Aptitude Test Results to be Released Sept. 14.

The Testing and Evaluation Center of the University of Liberia announces that the results of the Aug. 18, 2018 second entrance and placement exam for the undergraduate

“The Exchange Rate Crisis: Background and Policy Options”

Since 2017, the value of the Liberian Dollar drastically deteriorated, manifesting itself in rising prices for basic commodities. The impact is broadly felt, with particularly drastic effects

The University of Liberia was founded in 1862 as Liberia College and became a full University in 1951.  It is a public institution funded mainly by the Government of Liberia…. Read More

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