The University of Liberia College of Health Sciences Office of Fiduciary Services  (ULCHS-OFS) invites competitive bidders from qualified and credible Insurance Companies in Liberia for the provision of Group Life Insurance coverage for its consultant staff and medical Insurance for consultant staff and their dependents (Up to Five dependents). Approximately Twenty-Five (25) employees in Montserrado will be insured.  ULCHS envisions a five-year service agreement with an annual contract renewable each year based on availability of funds we are therefore requesting your best pricing for services for One (1) year through this Request for Proposal.


Request For Proposal Instructions for The Procurement of Insurance Services Are Indicated Below:




  1. BID SUBMISSION DETAILS Submission Date: February 2, 2022.


  1. Submission of Proposal-

Proposals may also be submitted by email to the email address below and should come from an official company email address, or delivered in sealed envelope and comprise of two (2) copies (one original  and one duplicate) indicating  the  Reference number, title,  and closing date. Proposals must be delivered to the address below on or before January 26, 2022 at 5:00PM Local Time:


Attention: The Procurement Department Office of Fiduciary Services UL-CHS-OFS University of Liberia/ College of Health Sciences by mail to:


  1. Index of Bid Document

ULCHS-OFS bid document is comprised in its entirety of the following sections and appendices: SECTIONS OF TENDER DOCUMENT

  1. i) Section 1: Bid Instructions
  2. ii) Section 2: Description of Services iii) Section 3: Special Provisions
  3. iv) Section 4: Evaluation Criteria
  4. v) Appendix A: Cover Letter



University of Liberia College of Health Sciences Office of Fiduciary Services

Section 1: Bid Instructions

All qualified bidders are encouraged to include the following documents in their bids:

  • Valid Tax Clearance/TIN number and Business Registration Certificate
  • Evidence of Certification by the Central Bank of Liberia;
  • Company’s profile
  • Name of Reinsurer and its profile Article of Incorporation
  • Most recent audited financial statement
  • List of minimum of 10 clients (with a minimum of 25 employees) and their contact details
  • All tenderers must include in their Medical Plans the following:
  1. a) Complete list of current medical clinics and hospitals that provide similar services to their clients
  2. b) List of covered services (outpatient v/s inpatient; diagnostics; drugs)
  3. c) List of coverage limits (deductibles, annual maximums)
  • All tenderers must include in their Group Life plans coverage for death, dismemberment disability, etc.
  • All pages of bids (Technical and Financial) must be pre-numbered and initialled
  • All bids must be signed and stamped by authorized personnel;
  • All Bid prices must be quoted in United States Dollars;
  • Quoted Price must be valid for the period of one (1) year as of contract signing date
  • All bidders must provide financial reimburs.ement  Plans for  Medical (reimbursement  to employees and payment terms)
  • Bidders must provide insurance Premium Plans for Group Life and Medical
  • Successful bidders will be required to provide ULCHS-OFS staffs with Insurance Card within

30 days;

  • Bidders are required to submit Technical and Financial proposal in sealed envelope. Or Via tender
  • Proposal (Technical/financial) submitted in sealed envelope must be comprised of two (2)

copies (One original and one duplicate).

  • Bidders shall submit Cover letter in prescribed Format as specified in Appendix A
  • In case of price discrepancy between unit price and SUBTOTAL price, the unit price shall prevail.
  • ULCHS-OFS reserves the  right  to  increase or  decrease the  number  of  STAFFS  and

DEPENDENTS mentioned in this bidding document

  • Bid validity period shall be sixty (60) working days from deadline for submission of the quotation
  • Bid submitted after the deadline will NOT be considered
  • Bidders submitting proposals must
  1. a) be officially licensed to do such business in Liberia,
  2. b) Be able to receive USAID funds and
  3. c) not have been identified on the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons

List maintained by the U.S. Treasury or the United Nations Security designation list.

  • In addition, prior  to  issuing contract, ULCHS-OFS  may request bidders  to  provide  the following information:
  1. a) Documentation to verify licensure (g., tax ID, registration certificate, etc.);
  2. b) history/record of claims payment;
  3. c) Demonstration of adequate management and financial resources to perform the contract;
  4. d) Bidders may be asked to participate in an interview process in Monrovia;
  • ULCHS-OFS reserves the right to request additional information from prospective bidders and reject any or all bids that do not meet its minimum requirements without any liability, or when considered to be in the best interest of the agency and/or the people it serves.
  • Under USAID/Government of Liberia Anticorruption Policy bidders shall observe the highest standard of ethics during the procurement and execution of such contracts. The ULCHS will reject a proposal for award, and will impose sanctions on parties involved, if it determines that the  bidder  recommended for  award or  any other  party, has engaged in corrupt, fraudulent,collusive, or coercive practices in competing for, or in executing,the Contract. At the time of submission of your quotation, you should not be in USAID or Government of Liberia Debarment/Sanctions list.

SECTION 2- DESCRIPTION  OF SERVICES REQUESTED Group Life and Medical Insurance services are in two folds:

  1. Group Life insurance coverage is only intended to provide benefits for consultant staffs of ULCHS

and not their dependents;


  1. Medical insurance service is intended to cover (benefits) both ULCHS consultant staffs and their dependents (Up to Five (5) dependents per staff)


Bidders must be aware that the below provisions will be incorporated into the contract document upon successful evaluation and determination of winner.

  1. Contract duration
  2. Payment terms



All bids received in response to this solicitation will be evaluated and scored using set evaluation criteria. The scores for both technical and financial proposals will be distributed on a 70-30 ratio, meaning that the total score of 70% will be allotted to technical proposal whereas 30% goes to financial  proposal.  After  the  evaluation  process, Contract  will   be  awarded  to  the  most advantageous responsive offer  (combination of quality  and price) that  meets the  minimum requirements and offer the lowest price. The following factors shall be used in determining the most responsive bid.

Relevant Experience (70 Points)

Sub-factors for consideration under this main criterion will include:

  1. a) Years of existence in insurance service provision
  2. b) Key personnel qualifications and experiences
  3. c) Customer service and responsiveness
  4. d) Past performance including coverage and timeliness of claim settlements and reimbursements
  5. e) List of participating medical clinics and hospitals
  6. f) Clients’ references (INGOs/corporate entities) with similar g)  Group Life and medical insurance (Out Patient v/s Inpatient) plans


Cost (30 POINTS):

  1. a) Bid price for each component part
  2. b) Cost effectiveness relative to services

NOTE: Issuance of this RFQ DOES NOT constitutes a commitment by the UL-CHS-GMO to award a contract.

In case of further queries or clarification regarding the RFQ, kindly send an email to the above email address.





To:                                                     (Employer’s Name)


———- – –(Employer’s Address)


We offer to execute the                                                                         (name and number of RFP)

in accordance with the Conditions of Contract accompanying this Proposals for the Contract Price of

——– -(amount in  words   and  numbers)  (                             )   (name  of currency)                                   . We propose to render the Service described in the Contract within a period of

                                  months from the Date of Signing of the Contract.


This Proposal and your written  acceptance will constitute a binding Contract between us.  We understand that you are not bound to accept the lowest or any Quotation you receive.


We hereby confirm that this Quotation complies with the Validity of the Offer required by the proposal documents.


We are not in USAID or Government of Liberia Debarment/Sanctions list.


Authorized Signature:—————- Name and Title of Signatory                                                                    _


Name of Contractor:—————­ Address:—————-


Phone Number: – ——-


Fax Number, if any——-­ Email address (optional)——-