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College Overview


History of the School

The University of Liberia School Of Pharmacy, which is one of the professional schools in the University, was founded in 1986. The West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacists—originally the West African Pharmaceutical Federation (WAPF)—a sub-regional body of pharmaceutical associations or societies in Anglo-phone West Africa and specialized agency of the erstwhile West African Health Community (WAHC) was instrumental in its founding.

Initially, the School of Pharmacy was established to develop human resources in the pharmaceutical sector in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and the Gambia, with the hope that the governments of those countries would share in the cost of providing the training. Hence, the WAPF was pivotal in the birth of the School in a number of other ways.

Location of the School                                              

The University of Liberia’s School of Pharmacy shares facilities on the Congo Town-based campus with the A.M. Dogliotti College of Medicine. These two sister healthcare science-teaching institutions of the University also share some instructional staff members in course areas offered in both schools.

Achievements of the School

Since the inception of classes in the School on June 16, 1986, out of the total enrolment volume of about 365 students, the School has graduated 210 students during 16 cycles of commencement exercises.

The School participated in all of the meetings on harmonization of Pharmacy curricula (i.e., educating and training of pharmacists) in the West African Sub-region, one of which culminated in a consensus that the undergraduate training of pharmacists (following completion of high school) should consist of a Bachelor Degree program in Pharmacy (B. Pharm.) lasting four years or a professional doctorate degree program (Pharm D) of no less than five years in duration, the program to which the current curriculum is transitioning.

 Mission Statement

The mission of the school of pharmacy is to improve health among Liberians and other nationals through health services and other drug-related research, education, service and community outreach based on sound education.


About the Dean

Ezekiel Fayiah Hallie, Dean

Email: ezekiel.hallie@ul.edu.lr

Ezekiel Fayiah Hallie graduated in Zoology and Pharmacy with Bachelor of Science (Hons.) and Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm) (Hons.), respectively, from the University of Liberia and travelled to Aberdeen to undertake an MSc in Clinical Pharmacology from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom. He studied the development of cancer vaccines to know the state at which they have been in their production and the approval by the regulatory authorities.


Dean Hallie has been lecturer of Biology at the University of Liberia Science College for over six years. Upon his return from postgraduate study, Ezekiel got his full-time employment as Assistant Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology at the School of Pharmacy, University of Liberia in 2014.  In 2015, Ezekiel was appointed Academic Coordinator by the then Vice President for Health and Life Sciences. Due to his outstanding administrative leadership Ezekiel, in January 2017, was appointed Interim Dean, the position he currently holds with responsibility to administratively supervise academic and operations of the School to efficiently and effectively implement a high quality curriculum through monitoring and evaluating the faculty.


College Administrative Officers

Ezekiel F. Hallie Interim Dean Dip (MLT), BSc, BPharm, RPh, MSc
Sumo Y. Mulbah Acting Chairman  Department of Anatomy BSc, BPharm, RPh, MSc
Niekata Jackson Acting Chairman  Department  of  Medicinal & Pharmaceutical Chemistry BSc, BPharm, RPh, MSc
Nathaniel B. Woart, Sr. Acting Chairman Department  of  Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Parasitology BSc, BPharm, RPh, MPH
Joshua T. Peters Acting Chairman  Department of Pharmaceutical Biochemistry BSc, BPharm, RPh, MSc, DD
Tijili T. Tyee Acting Chairman Department of Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology BSc, BPharm, MSc, FPCPharm
Osbert K. Newlands Chairman  Department of Pharmacognosy & Natural Products BSc, BPharm, RPh, FPCPharm
George F. Shorbor Acting Chairman Department of Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacy Practice BSc, BPharm, RPh, MSc
Joseph N. B. Jimmy Acting Chairman  Department of Pharmacology BSc, BPharm, RPh, MA, PGD
Z’Sherman Adams Jr. Acting Chairman Department of Physiology BSc, MD, Dip
Mr. Johnny T. Cargeor


Administrative Assistant to the Dean  A.A., BA,
Mr. Stephen B. Kamara Records Office BPA
Mr. Q. Randalson Saye IT Officer


BBA, BSc, IT Certificates
Mr. T. Timothy C. Yangbe Messenger
Mr. Boima Ville Expeditor BA
Madam Dowen N. Daydee Care-taker
Mr. Victor C. Wilson Driver




Department of Anatomy

Sumo Y. Mulbah Acting Chairman BSc., B. Pharm., RPh., MSc, (Clinical Pharmacology),
Ezekiel F. Hallie, Assistant Professor BSc., B. Pharm., RPh., MSc (Clinical Pharmacology)
Dr. Wirtu, Amenu Tolera Visiting Professor PhD (Neurosciences)


Department of Medicinal & Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Neikata Jackson Acting Chairman BSc., B. Pharm., RPh, FPCPharm
Plenseh D. Paye  Instructor BSc., B. Pharm., RPh., MSc (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
Alexander George Instructor BSc., MSc (Organic Chemistry)
Jerry Toe  Instructor BSc., B. Pharm, RPh., MSc

 Department of Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Parasitology

J. Nathaniel B. Woart Acting Chairman BSc., B. Pharm., RPh, MPH
Duredoh F. George Assistant Professor BSc., B. Pharm., RPh., MPhil (Pharmaceutical Microbiology)
Mrs. Ruth T. Daniels Laboratory Demonstrator MLT, BSc.


Department of Pharmaceutical Biochemistry

Joshua T. Peters Acting Chairman BSc., B. Pharm., RPh, MSc, (Pharmacology), DD, (Cand.)
Sampson K.P. Chea Assistant Professor BSc., MSc., B. Pharm, RPh
Mehidi Kassim Ahmed (Visiting Professor) BSc., MSc., PhD (Cand.)
Mr. Vamuyan Traore (Laboratory Demonstrator) BSc


Department of Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology

Tijli T. Tyee Acting Chairman BSc., B. Pharm., RPh, MSc., FPCPharm
David N. Sneh Instructor B.Sc, B. Pharm, RPh,
A. Vaifee Tulay Instructor BSc., B. Pharm., RPh, MSc. (Pharmaceutical Sciences)


Department of Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacy Practice

George F. Sorbor Acting Chairman BSc., B. Pharm., RPh., MSc (Clinical Pharmacy)
Jah Cisco Weah Instructor BSc, B. Pharm., RPh., FPCPharm
Joseph S. Weah Instructor BSc., B. Pharm., RPh.,  FPCPharm
T. Sorporlor S. Ben Asst. Prof BBA., MBA
Geetor Saydee Associate Professor PhD
Nathaniel Borley Comeh Instructor BSc. B. Pharm., RPh, LLB


Department of Pharmacology

Joseph N.B. Jimmy Acting Chairman BSc., B. Pharm., RPh., MA, PGD
Ezekiel F. Hallie Assistant Professor Dip (MLT), BSc., B. Pharm., RPh., MSc (Clinical Pharmacology)
Beyan K. Johnson  Instructor BSc., B. Pharm., RPh.
James Mulbah Instructor BSc., B. Pharm., RPh.
Sumo Y. Mulbah Instructor BSc, B. Pharm, RPh., MSc, (Pharmacology)
Joshua T. Peters Assistant Professor BSc., B. Pharm., RPh, MSc (Pharmacology), DD, (Cand.)


Department of Physiology

Z’Sherman Adams, Jr Acting Chairman BSc., MD., Dip (Cardiology
Andualem Mossie Ayana Visiting Professor BSc., MSc., PhD