UL President Dr.  Julius S. Nelson is urging faculty and staff, especially those in the category of essential staff–President, VPs, Deans, Chairs, Administrative Directors, and Senior Executives and Administrative Assistants to the UL President & VPs respectively, to use the time off to carry out serious work from home.
The UL Administration, according to UL President, will meet regularly during this brief period of school closure via conference call to discuss issues pertinent to the University.
The decision to suspend all activities was reached yesterday evening during a 6 p.m. conference call attended by senior members of the UL management team.
Various options were considered but the team reached a consensus that closing the entire university was in the best interest of everyone’s safety at this time.
Dr.  Nelson then gave a live phone-in interview on ELBC and urged the University family to remain calm and work together to ensure the safety of all.
He named a Special Coronvirus Advisory Team headed by the College of Health Sciences and co-chaired by Academic Affairs, with UL Relations, Student Affairs, Department of Chemistry, Instutional Development & Planning   and Adminiaration serving as members.  The Advisory Team will  coordinate and advise on the implementation of additional measures  to protect all stakeholders at the UL as well as contain the spread of the coronavirus.
Dr.  Nelson also informed the general public that an extension to the current UL entrance registration process would be considered to ensure all have a fair chance of registering for the exam.
Following the announcement, several students commended the UL Administration on the UL Facebook page, praising the the UL Administration’s decision as ”timely.”
Below are some of the comments culled from the UL Facebook page:

Joelyne T Kerneah

“Good step.”
Alvin B. Kulardeh:
“Thanks for the speedy implementation to prevent the spread of the corona virus among the students body.”
Mensah Mitchell Singbeh:
“Thanks to the UL admistration for the timely decision.”
Diegor Saye:
“I am personally greatful and thankful to the farsighted leadership headed by Dr.Nelson for his timely information on the issues with the deadly coronavirus disease which is one of the best ways of avoiding over crowded or gathering thanks to the UL family.”
Leroy Cegbe:
“This is prudent and well done, but I advise that appropriate measures be put into place to enable us function after March 23rd.”
MolieGodluvingson Mooney:
“Thanks to the administration for such a timely release…”
Kanty A Doe:
“Brilliant measure I support the University of Liberia administration.”
Shadrach Yandah:
“What becomes the entrance registration? Not all,I have problem with BFO; will those guys be on campus to process the 2019-2020 report?”
Myers G. B. Korboi:
“Many thanks to our vibrant adminstration for such decision.”
Ohandis Garley:
“Welcoming news from the administration of the University of Liberia.”