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Rev. Jethro S. Tamba, MA, MSc, Chairman

The training in Geography was set up at the University of Liberia in 1971 with the assistance of the Federal Republic of Germany that provided technical assistance in term of professors, equipment, teaching aids and textbooks. The Department of Geography provides scientific knowledge about the earth and its people including basic and applied research relevant to national socio-economic development at the Bachelors level.

The department is chaired by Rev. Jethro S. Tamba. He holds BA and MSc in Regional Science Currently, the Department of Geography hosts the total of 18 members, 7 (39%) of the number made of full-time faculty, while the number of Adjunct Faculty stand at 11 (61%). The faculty includes five bachelor degree holders and 12 master’s degrees holders in various disciplines, and one doctorate degree holder.

Moreover, the Geography Department is one of the seven (7) degree granting departments in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Liberia. Since the inception, it has granted Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees to more than seven hundred (700) graduates in the field of General Geography. In addition to training activities, the Department of Geography actively engages into research activities, environmental impact assessments, feasibility studies and related geography studies.

To qualify for a Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA.) in Geography, a candidate must have completed course work totaling not less than one hundred and twenty eight (128) credit hours of which forty two (42) credit hours should be in the students major area of study, and should have passed all required courses as well as other departmental requirements with a GPA of not less than 2.0. The one hundred and twenty-eight (128) credit hours required for graduation are distributed as follows: General Requirement, 62 credit hours; major requirement, 42 credit hours, minor requirement, 18, credit hours, elective 6 credit hours total: 128 credit hours.

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