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College Overview

  The T. J. R. Faulkner College of Science and Technology (ULCoST) was established on June 1, 1974, and has two divisions: a Natural Science Division with Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics Departments; and an Engineering Division with Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Geology & Mining Engineering Departments. The Engineering Division became a fully-fledged College of Engineering in May 2016. Thomas Jefferson Richelieu Faulkner (TJRF), was born in North Carolina in 1869 and immigrated to Liberia in 1881 (at age 12).  He was a professional engineer who served in public life in Liberia for about forty years and was described as “an undeniable pillar of strength and dependability to the country, . . .his word was his bond, and he loved Liberia.”  TJRF was an engineer and a prominent public figure.  He also served as the Mayor of Monrovia.  TJRF, one of the most outstanding Liberian Industrialists who first introduced and installed electricity, the telephone, and the ice factory in Liberia, passed away on February 2, 1943 at 6:00pm. UL’s T. J. R. Faulkner College of Science and Technology welcomes benefactors for naming its Science Building; benefactors to establish a Division of Information, Communications and Technology (ICT), benefactors to establish an Architecture Department, and benefactors to establish a Graduate School for Climate Change & the Environment.

About the Dean

Asst. Prof. James McClain Dean, T.J.R. Faulkner College of Science & Technology School of Environmental Studies and Climate Change Asst. Prof. James McClain, Ph.D., is the Dean for the T.J.R. Faulkner College of Science and Technology and the School of Environmental Studies and Climate Change. Before serving as Dean, Asst. Prof. served as Chair for the Department of Chemistry from 2011-2015 and a focal point on the UL Ebola Door-to-door awareness campaign. He also worked on the University of Liberia Entrance Committee three times. The Dean’s services to the University of Liberia began in 1999 as a Student Assistant in the Department of Chemistry, and in 2002, he moved to Teacher Assistant. Asst. Prof. McClain has over fifteen years of experience with the University of Liberia. Asst. Prof. McClain worked with the Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation as a Chemist (2005-2008). Asst. Prof. McClain holds a Doctorate in Environmental Science from Indiana University and a master’s degree in Physical Chemistry from Ravenshaw University. The Dean has certificates in Environmental Law and Policy (University of North Carolina Coursera Program, USA); Foodborne Illness Outbreak Environmental Assessment (Center for Disease Control & Prevention, USA); GIS for Health Researchers (University of Washington, USA); Academic Writing, Research and Publication Writing (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA) and Faculty Development for Teaching & Research Assistant (University of Liberia). Asst. Prof. McClain had a six-month visiting scholar position at the University of Michigan, where his research converted municipal waste to Electricity using Fuel Cells. The Dean is current the UL Focal Point on the Least Developed Countries Universities Consortium on Climate Change (LUCCC). Asst. Prof. McClain also served as National Consultant on two Liberia policy documents – Foodborne Surveillance with funding from WHO and National Plan Adaptation Process (Climate Change) with funding from the UNDP. His research interests are Climate Change Adaptation, water quality and water safety management, foodborne surveillance, and Environmental Pollutants. Dr. McClain teaches Environmental Methodology in the Chemistry Department and Environmental Studies and Climate Change Graduate Program, Public Health Surveillance and Physical and Quantum Chemistry. The Dean for the college has excellent research and advanced skills in analyzing environmental contaminant clusters using ArcGIS and SPSS software and advanced research skills in Chemistry and Climate Change Adaptation. Dean McClain has excellent training in IPCC methodology and Greenhouse Gas Inventory. He also had an intermediate skilled working with SAS and R-Studio software to analyze and interpret environmental and public health, climate change, and chemistry data Finally Asst. Dean McClain Solution-oriented and versatile Environmental and Occupational Health professional with experience, research and statistical analysis, and Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation. He acquired leadership and managerial skills from his previous position as Department of Chemistry Chair.   Scholarly achievement:

College Administrative Officers

Dr. Charles Asumana Dean, T. J. R. Faulkner College of Science and Technology MSc, PhD
D. Karfalah Johnson Associate Dean, Division of Natural Science BSc, MSc
Bobby D. Sebo Chair, Department of Physics BSc, PGD, PhD candidate
Sampson Chea Chair, Department of Biological Sciences BSc, MSc, BPharm
J. Boima Kiazolu Acting Chair, Department of Chemistry BSc, MSc
Michael S. Gboneh Chair, Department of Mathematics BSc, MSc

Department of Physics

The Department of Physics is one of four departments of the T. J. R. Faulkner College of Science and Technology located on the Fendall Campus in Louisiana, Montserrado County. The department has about 40 majors and offers courses to over 3,000 non-physics majors every semester. The department has in its reading room a collection of over 2,200 books and periodicals and more than 100 e-books. There are 20 faculty members, 13 of whom are full-time, and 7 adjunct professors and lecturers. The Department offers two-degree programs: physics major with minor emphasis in mathematics, and physics major with minor emphasis in chemistry. A Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) is earned in any one of these programs after a student has completed a four-year study with a minimum of 139 credit hours.

Department of Physics Faculty

S. Morris Cooper Assistant Professor Regional Planning, Geophysics BSc, MSc, PhD
Shelton Beedoe Assistant Professor Experimental Nuclear Physics BSc, MSc, PhD
Alton V. Kesselly Instructor Astrophysics, Mathematical Sciences BSc, MSc, MSc, MSc
Calvin A. Gaye Instructor Meteorology, Agro-meteorology BSc, MSc, MSc
Emmanuel Johnson Teaching Assistant General Physics BSc
Francis K. Gray Instructor General Physics, Regional Planning BSc, MSc
John Y. Flomo Senior Laboratory Instructor Physics Education BSc
Joseph B. Jimmy Instructor Chemistry, Pharmacy, Education BSc, B. Pharm, Post-Grad. Dip., MA
Kokolo N’debewillie Teaching Assistant General Chemistry BSc
Stephen M. George Instructor General Physics BSc
T. William Saa Instructor Mathematical Sciences BSc, MSc
Wolobah B. Sali Instructor Mathematical Sciences, Geophysics BSc, Post-Grad. Dip, MSc

Department of Biological Sciences

The course of study in the department of Biological Sciences for the degree of Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biological sciences takes four academic years. The minimum requirement for the degree is between 142 and 148 semester hours, namely, Medical Science 148cr/hrs, Plant Science 142cr/hrs, Environmental Science 143cr/hrs, Microbiology 144cr/hrs, and Science Education 143cr/hrs. A candidate must complete his general education requirement of 72 semester hours in the first and second years. This includes general science courses and other required courses as prescribed by the University of Liberia. The academic programs of the department are designed in such a way that students are not considered reading Biological sciences as major until they shall have completed the 72 credit hours in the first and second years with a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.3000, at which time they will be allowed to progress to the third and fourth year. Students can major in Biology with emphasis in the Medical science, Plant science, Microbiology, Environmental science and Science education. The Department of Biological Sciences, through the revision of its curriculum, is to provide students with the requisite knowledge and scientific skills that will be used to discover scientific solutions to national problems and address Liberia’s environmental concerns, teaching and health needs as well as possible post-graduate study and employment opportunities for biology graduates. This is the vision of the Department of Biological Sciences. Through the provision of quality evident-based scientific education to its students by well-trained and competent faculty members, graduates of the department will be adequately prepared theoretically and practically to meet the needs of the nations human resource development in the scientific, environmental, education and health sectors to contribute their quota in nation development.

Department of Biological Sciences Faculty

Korheina, Korli Instructor  BSc, PhD
Humphrey, Peter S., Instructor MRes, MSc, PGCE, PhD
Metieh, Mary Instructor MSc
Sieh, Emmanuel Instructor MEd
Kenkpen, David Instructor MSc, MEd
Karmorh Jr., Benjamin S. Instructor MSc  
Lahai, Festus S Instructor MSc
Dennis, Bannel Instructor MSc
Janafo, Julius Instructor BSc, B-Pharm
Toby, Moses Instructor BSc, B-Pharm
Kieh, Herbert Instructor MSc
Momo, Harris Instructor MSc
Gongolee, Alpha Instructor MSc
Sawo-Flomo, Josephine Instructor BSc, MPH
Zayzay, Celina O. Instructor MD
Saytarkoon, Oliver D. Instructor MSc
Johnson, Vinton Instructor MSc
Bell-Gam, Ayesha Instructor BSc, LIBMS
Shobayo, Bode Instructor MSc

Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry stands for excellence in human capacity-building, fostering leadership, and critical thinking skills and also facilitating students’ personal and professional development for lifelong learning for the state. The Department of Chemistry, with the support of its teaching staff (full-time and part-time) and its non-teaching staff as well as its research-oriented and intelligent undergraduate students, has established a strong record of achievement in chemical education.   The Department of Chemistry offers Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with an emphasis in one of the three pathways: Health Sciences, Industrial / Environmental Chemistry and Science Education

Department of Chemistry Faculty

Alexander E. George Instructor BSc, MSc
Jacob Sandikie Instructor BSc, MER
Farkollie P. Sumo Instructor BSc, MSc
Dr. Torsou Jallabah Instructor BSc, MD
Jerry T. Toe Instructor BSc, MSc, B-Pharm
Sando Fahnbulleh Instructor BSc, MSc
Fohn B. Miapeh Instructor BSc, MSc
Kpakama L. Kromah, Instructor BSc., B-Pharm
Samuel T. K. Kortimai Instructor BSc, LLB
Samuel M. Johnson Instructor BSc, MSc
John Y. Hena Instructor BSc, MSc
Rafael S. Ngumbu Instructor BSc, MPhil
D. Blanyon Scere Instructor BSc, MSc
Anthony Hodge Instructor BSc
James McClain Instructor BSc, MSc
Saki Golafale Instructor BSc, MSc
Varbah Sorsor Instructor BSc

Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics started as a unit in Liberia College in the 1800’s to carter to the Mathematical needs of students in the Liberal Arts. Later in the 1900’s it became a Department under the T.J.R Faulkner College of Science and Technology. The department offers two degrees programs: A Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with Minor in Physics and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with Minor in Economics. The mission of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Liberia is to:
  1. Provide a supportive environment for the learning of mathematics
  2. Provide the opportunity for mathematics, statistics and mathematics education majors to receive high-quality undergraduate education
  3. Provide the opportunity for students from other disciplines to learn mathematics and its applications
  4. Contribute to the development and growth of mathematical sciences and mathematics education through research and scholarship
  5. Prepare high-quality elementary, junior, secondary and post-secondary mathematics teachers
  6. Contribute to the improvement of the teaching and learning of mathematics in schools and other education institutions; and
  7. Promote an understanding of the contributions mathematics has made to society through outreach and service to the community.

Department of Mathematics Faculty

Michael S. B. Gboneh Instructor BSc , MSc
Moses S.E. Hinneh, Jr Instructor BSc, MSc
D. Karfalah Johnson Instructor BSc, Msc
D. Nyaforh Bessman Instructor BSc, MSc
Benoit Bangoura Instructor BSc, MSc
Jerome B. Jones Instructor BSc, BSc
Eddison U. Kamara Instructor BSc, BSc
Patrick Jarba-Nah Instructor BSc, LLB
James Yanquoi, Instructor BSc, MSc
Abel Bloyue Instructor BSc
Moses G. Dennis Instructor BSc
Younassah Conde Instructor BSc
Bollay M. Morlu Instructor BSc
James Dorbor Jallah Instructor Bsc, MSc
James Moses Instructor BSc
George Brown Instructor BSc
Nathanial Richardson Instructor BSc
Augustine Weah, Instructor BSc
John Collins Instructor BSc, MSc
Amah Karama Instructor BSc
Hafi Sheriff Instructor BSc
Emmet C Dennis Instructor BSc, MSc, PhD
Alton V. Kesselly Instructor BSc, MSc, MSc, MSc
Clifford Kpodii Instructor BSc
Alexander Saye Instructor BSc
Wolobah Sali Instructor BSc, Post-Grad. Dip, MSc
Ambulai V Sirleaf Instructor BSc, MSc
Freeman C. Koon Instructor BSc, MSc
Joseph Bestman Instructor BSc, MSc

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