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Academic Programs of the Confucius Institute

Confucius Institute at the University of Liberia (CIUL), as the first Confucius Institute in West Africa, was jointly established by the University of Liberia and Changsha University of Science & Technology in Monrovia in December 2008. CIUL is the only institution providing Chinese language courses for free and the only Chinese Test Center to organize HSK, HSKK, etc. in Liberia. CIUL aims to promote cultural exchange and friendship between Liberia and China.


More job opportunities

CIUL has recommended over 200 outstanding students to Chinese enterprises in Liberia, like China Harbor, China Railway 7th Group (Liberia), China Railway 5th Group (Liberia), China Henan International Construction Organization, Chongqing International Construction Organization, Jiangsu Construction, CGGC Yipuli Mining Service Company, BounceBand Energy, etc.

More chances for study in China

As of November 2021, nearly 100 students have passed HSK and HSKK Tests and won scholarships to study in China, including International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarships, Chinese Ambassador Scholarship, Chinese Bridge Scholarship, Summer Camp, etc.


Director: DEXTER S. SUMO, Email:

Add: Chinese Office, 1st Floor , GD Building, Capitol Hill Campus, University of Liberia; Tel: 0770286130

Chinese Office, 1st Floor, Fendall Campus, University of Liberia; Tel: 0777989821

The University of Liberia was founded in 1862 as Liberia College and became a full University in 1951.  It is a public institution funded mainly by the Government of Liberia…. Read More

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