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The College of Engineering is one of the eight undergraduate colleges of the University of Liberia (UL). It was established in May, 2016 as the result of the vision and commitment of the UL Administration, coupled with assistance received from national and international partners, and the dedication and hard work of the engineering faculty and staff.  Prior to the establishment of the college, engineering education at the University, which commenced in the early 1970s, was offered in the College of Science and Technology.

The college currently runs five distinct undergraduate programs in separate departments: the Department of Civil Engineering, the Department of Electrical Engineering, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Mining Engineering, and the Department of Geology. The structure of each program varies from department to department. Each program provides instruction in almost all of the major branches of their respective discipline, and offers the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree upon completion.  The programs are designed to incorporate classroom instruction and hands-on, practical training in order to ensure that graduates are well versed in their areas of discipline and ready to assume professional responsibilities.

Additionally, the college provides fee-for-service to many clients in need of engineering related services through its state of the art laboratories, and is dedicated to providing a comprehensive educational experience, a high standard of professional integrity, and a commitment to national development. The fee-for-service program is one of the mechanisms that was put in place to help fill some financial gaps and assure the college’s ability to sustain its laboratory facilities and help develop a Center of Excellence in Engineering to support the socio-economic development of Liberia.



Asst. Prof. Hun – Bu Tulay,


College of Engineering



Mr. Hun – Bu Tulay, former Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) Managing Director, is the Dean of  the College of Engineering.
Having spent several years working in the United States and with the Government of Liberia, Mr. Tulay comes to the new job at the University of Liberia with many credentials, including BSc in Mathematics and Physics; BSc in Civil Engineering, and an MSc in Sanitary Engineering.


Hun – Bu Tulay, Dean , College of Engineering BSc, , MSc, MSc.
Mencer T. Powoe Interim  Chair, Department of Civil Engineering BSc, MSc., PLS
Sumo S. Momolu Interim Chair, Department of Mining Engineering BSc, Certs., MEng
Anthony N. Kullie Interim  Chair, Department of Geology BSc, MSc
Howard F. Kesselly Interim Chair, Department of Mechanical Eng. BSc, Dip., MSc.
Patience Quire Ville Administrative Coordinator BA, MA
Faustina A. Rightlander Academic Coordinator BA, MA
Cecelia F. Jarque Administrative Assistant BBA
Dee Preston Records Officer BA
Gbargbae Tuah Office Assistant BA
Victor Lincoln Expeditor BBA


 The Department of Civil Engineering is dedicated to providing a comprehensive educational experience in scientific and technical professional development, a high standard of professional integrity, and a commitment to national development. The civil engineering program provides instruction in several areas of the civil engineering discipline; which includes, Structures, Water Resources, Soil & Foundation, Transportation, Construction, and Geomatics. With the revised curriculum supported by state of the art laboratories, the department is poised to making sure that graduates experience the highest academic and professional standards necessary for the development of Liberia.


Augustus S. Moore Associate Professor BSc, Certs, MSc, PLS

Water Resources Engineering/

Surveying & Mapping

Charles W. Carpenter Assistant Professor BSc. , MSc Structural Engineering
David M. Jallah Assistant Professor BSc, M.Eng. Structural Engineering
Mencer Powoe Instructor BSc., MSc., PLS Geomatic Engineering
James Massaquoi Instructor BA, Certs, PGD-IT, MA Information Technology
Sylvester Bundoo Instructor BSc., MSc., PLS Geomatic Engineering
Kieyee Bordolo Instructor BSc., MSc. Structural Engineering
Samuka Konneh Instructor BSc., MSc. Transportation Engineering
Melvin M. Kollie Instructor BSc., MSc. PhD (Study) Geotechnical Engineering
Amos Y. Barclay Instructor BSc., MSc. Transportation Engineering
Immanuel Freeman Instructor BSc., MSc. Urban Water & Sanitation
Moses Abu Instructor* BSc., Certs., MSc. Foundation Engineering
N. Hun-Bu Tulay Instructor* BSc., Dip., MSc. Hydrology/Water Supply
Gabriel S. Flaboe Instructor* BSc., MEng, MSc. Water Supply & Sewage Treatment
Victor B. Smith Instructor* BSc., MSc. Structural Engineering
Samuel C. Wonasue Instructor* BSc., MSc. Engineering Economics
Moses Y. Ballah Lab Demonstrator BSc. Engineering Graphics
Lansana Fofana Lab Demonstrator BSc. Materials /Soil Testing
Alex  Glae Lab Technologist Cert. Materials/Soil Testing


The Department of Electrical Engineering is the hub for teaching and learning electrical engineering disciplines at the University of Liberia. It serves as the major recruiting ground for qualified and competent electrical engineering work-force in both public and private sectors in Liberia. The electrical engineering curriculum covers several fields of the electrical engineering discipline which include, but not limited to, Electric Power Systems, Electronics, Control Systems, Communication Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Electric Machines & Drives, Power Electronics and Computer Engineering. The program seeks to prepare students not only for the rapidly evolving field of electrical and computer engineering, but also for a world that requires critical thinking and dedication to life-long sustainability.


Mark W. Bropleh Associate Professor B.Sc., M.Sc. Certs Electric Power Systems
Adolphus Nippae Assistant Professor BSc, Certs, MSc Electronic Engineering and Renewable Energy
Darlington S. Y. David Assistant Professor B.Eng., MSc, PhD., Certs Software Engineering & Applied Mathematics
Bonpah Saye Assistant Professor BSc., Dip, MSc. Digital Electronics
Hafiz K. M. Sheriff Jr. Instructor BSc., MSc., PhD (Study) Optics & Photonics
Wemogar Borweh Instructor BSc., MSc. Renewable Energy Technology
Ibrahim Sinneh – Sinneh Instructor BSc, MSc Power Systems
Maxwell O Kakulu Instructor BSc., M.Sc., Certs Systems Engineering (Modelling, Simulation and Optimization)
Dele L. Shobayo Instructor BSc, MEng. Electrical Machines & Power Systems
Darren D. Wilkins Instructor* B.Sc., M.Sc., MBA, M.Sc., DCS Applied Computer Information Technology & Information Systems Management
Abu D. Sanso Instructor* B.Sc., Certs. Electrical Engineering
Mohammed L. Sow Instructor* B.Sc., Cert., M.Sc. Power Systems & Automation
Paul C. Metieh Instructor* B.Sc., Certs. Computer Applications
Collins N. Vaye Teaching Assistant BSc, MSc (Study) Computer Engineering
George O. Barchue Lab Demonstrator BSc, Certs, Dip. Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution
Raymond B. Mayango Lab Demonstrator AA, SMA Diploma. B.Sc. Electrical Engineering


The Mechanical Engineering program of the College of Engineering focuses on providing a broad-based education and training in mechanical engineering sciences and their applications that will enable graduates to meet the challenges of the engineering profession in our rapidly changing environment. The program incorporates a number of departmental electives categorized in three areas of specialty. These areas of specialty include Thermo-fluids & Energy Systems, Design & Manufacturing, and Applied Mechanics.


Joseph B. Dennis Assistant Professor B. Eng.,(Hons), MSc Engineering Mechanics
Howard F. Kesselly Instructor BSc, Certs, MSc. Thermo-fluids and Energy Systems
Alfred Jeke Lab Demonstrator BSc, MSc. (Study) Hydraulics


The Mining Engineering program of the College of Engineering is dedicated to providing an exemplary quality education that blends theory and practice to produce qualified Mining Engineering professionals who are prepared to contribute to the increasing challenges of managing global natural mineral resources development and sustainability.


James K. Zawolo Associate Professor BSc., MSc Rock Mechanics
Sumo S. Momolu Instructor BSc, MEng Mine Planning & Resource Estimation
Musa S. Kamara Instructor BSc, M. Sc, PhD (Study) Oil & Gas Engineering
Adolphus Gleekia Instructor BSc, M.Tech Mine Health & Safety
Nathaniel Johnson II Instructor BSc, MSc Mineral Processing
Borbor A. K. K. Gibson Instructor BSc, MSc. Hydrometallurgy
Safiatu Barrie Teaching Assistant BSc, MSc (Study) Mining Engineering
Kamakan Cisse Lab Demonstrator BSc, MSc. Drilling & Blasting
William Zaza Teaching Assistant BSc., MSc. (Study) Mineral Resources Development


The Geology program at the College of Engineering is geared towards providing a broad-based degree aimed at building a professional career in general geology supported by demanding disciplines such as Environmental Geology, Mineral Exploration, Petroleum Geology, Engineering Geology and Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing.

The program provides the requisite skills that will ultimately lead to acquiring the proper Liberian expertise to explore, develop, and manage the country’s mineral and energy resources.


Eugene H. Shannon Professor BSc., MSc, Certs, PhD Petrology
Jenkins K Dorbor Professor BSc, MSc. M.Phil. Geochemistry
Anthony Kullie Instructor BSc, MSc. Geophysics
Kpandel A. Fayia Instructor BSc, Certs, MSc. Structural Geology
Urias A. Taylor Instructor BSc, MSc. Petroleum Engineering
Daniel S. Korfeh Instructor BSc, MSc. Environmental Geoscience
Michael V. Suah Instructor BSc, LLB, MSc Environmental Geoscience
Samuel Summerville Instructor* BSc., MSc. Geology
Johnson S. Willabo Instructor* BSc. MSc. Certs. Applied Geoscience
Oliver S. Gbegbe Instructor* BSc., MSc. Petroleum Geoscience
G. Yekeh Zaza Instructor* BSc., MSc. GIS and Land Administration
George Gontor Instructor* BSc., MSc. Mineral Resources
Patrick T. Nah Lab Coordinator BSc. Oil & Gas
Jefferson T. Chea Lab Demonstrator BSc. Mineralogy
Robert H. B. Miller Lab Demonstrator BSc. Petrology/Sedimentology
Magnus G. Payzine Lab Demonstrator BSc. Petrology/Sedimentology
Erwin Varmie Lab Demonstrator BSc. General Geology
Joseph Joakpala Teaching Assistant BSc. General Geology

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