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The University of Liberia Student Union (ULSU) is the mother organization for all campus based student groupings on the campuses of the University Of Liberia. It has the responsibility to seek, protect, promote and defend the well-being; as well as welfare of all students at the University.

ULSU is also responsible to formulate programs and collaborate with all student groupings and other democratic institutions within and outside of the Republic of Liberia to foster democracy, academic freedom, social justice and peace.

Membership to ULSU

All registered students of the University of Liberia are automatically members of ULSU. Institution or organization membership is similarly conferred on all groupings bearing the standards of ULSU and established under its guidelines and recognized by the student Legislative Assembly and the University of Liberia administration.

Honorary membership can also be conferred on an individual or group by ULSU.

Structure of ULSU

The power and moral authority of ULSU is vested in three distinct but separate and coordinating bodies:

  1. Student Legislative Assembly (SLA)
  2. Executive Committee
  3. Student Judicial Council (SJC)

Campus based Student Institutions

There are three Political Parties: Student Unification Party (SUP), Student Integration Movement (SIM) and Student Democratic Alliance (STUDA).

The Varsity Christian Fellowship (VCF) and the University of Liberia Muslim Students Association (ULMUSA) are two faith based institutions under ULSU.

There are also 15 County based Student Associations as well as College and Department Student Associations operating under the supervision of ULSU.

Current leaders of ULSU

Flomo M. MaiwoPresident
Trokon T. Zahn Trokon T. Zahn
Orando S. FallahStudent Representative (SR)
Isaiah S. QuimoluFinancial Secretary
Edward NormahSpeaker (SLA)
Miss Norus ElliotDeputy Speaker (SLA)

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