The David A. Straz-Sinje Technical and Vocational College is one of the undergraduate Colleges of the University of Liberia. The college is located 1 ½ miles east of Sinje Town in Garwula District, Grand Cape Mount County. The institution was established by the Liberian Government with initial assistance from Straz Foundation, USA. One thousand acres of land was secured from five communities (Sinje, Laagor, Gohn, Manivalor and Konoma) in Garwula District for the institution. Hence the college was named after the philanthropist, David A. Straz and its location (Sinje). The college was established to cater to the diverse educational needs of the rural counties particularly Grand Cape Mount County of the Western Region.
It was dedicated on July 23, 2012 by Her Excellency President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and academic activities started on October 29, 2012.

The David A. Starz Vocational and Techincal College prepare students for the job market, self-employment and possible transfer to the university colleges for further education. As such, the Associate of Science degree (A.Sc. degree), Short-term Workforce Development Training and Demand Driven Stakeholders’ programs were proposed for the college when it was founded. Since its establishment, the college has been focused on providing academic and technical training leading to the award of the Associate of Science Degree in Agriculture, Education and Engineering Technology for a period ranging from 24 – 36 months. These degree programs have various specialized areas.

Academic Programs

The Straz – Sinje Technical and Vocational College has been providing academic and technical training leading to the award of the Associate of Science (A.Sc) Degree in Agriculture, Education and Engineering Technology. These degree programs have various specialized areas. The Agricultural Science program has four areas of concentration – Agronomy, Animal Science, Agriculture Business and Agricultural Extension. The specialized areas of the Engineering Technology program are Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering. The focused area of the Education program is Primary Education with emphasis in Language Arts and Social Studies combined; Mathematics and Science. The duration of Agricultural Science and Education programs is 2 ½ years while the duration of the Engineering Program is 3 years. There is a seamless transition between the Associate of Science (A.Sc) Degree programs in the other undergraduate college of the University of Liberia. As such, some of our graduates are enrolled in the Bachelor Science degree programs in the College of Agriculture and Forestry and the William V. S. Tubman Teachers College of the University of Liberia.

About the Dean

Dr. John M. Sellu, (Assistant Professor) is an administrator with over 35 years work experience in the education sector. He has served various institutions as a primary and secondary school teacher, lecturer, supervisor of UNICEF/ Ministry of Education C-certificate Teachers Training Program, Director of the Kakata Rural Teachers Training Institute, coordinator of the Agricultural Education, Science Education and Teaching Practice Program at the Teachers College of the University of Liberia; Consultant and Contractor for some e National and International Institutions-USA D-FED LIBERIA, LTTP/fhi360 Liberia, UNESCO Liberia, Monrovia Consolidated  System (MCSS), Liberia National Red Cross Society(LNRCS), the US Embassy, Medicine Sans Frontiers Liberia, Liberia Ministry of Education, Tubman National Institute of Medical Arts(TNIMA), and Semi Darby Plantation School System, among others.  He has participated and facilitated several workshops, conferences and study tours in Liberria and other countries including USA, China, Ethiopia, Botswana and Sierra Leone.

He has developed Performance Management System(PMS) materials and introduced the system in Booker T. Washington Institute,  Grand Bassa Community College, Nimba County Community College and Lofa County Community College in Liberia. In consultation with the Senior Manatagement Team and the Senior Advisor of MOE, Dr. Sellu (who served as senior Education Policy Research Associate for fhi360) and the Senior Technical Advisor of Global Education Department of  fhi360), reviewed education policy docue ments and wrote the Educator Management  Policy for the Republic of Liberia. Dr. Sellu also participated in the drafting of the Liberia Education Act of 2011, LTTP/MOEC-certificate Teachers Training Curriculum, TNIMA Curriculum, the B-certificate curriculum for teachers training in Liberia.orc

He served as a member of the National Task Force that developed and established the Teacher Education Program Standards. He developed HIV/AIDS Teacher Training Manual for the Monrovia Consolidated School System (SS) and served as a HIV/AIDS in-service teacher training for MCSS for a period of two years (2007 and 2008). Furthermore, he developed the Liberia National Red Cross Society First Aid Training Text into a student text book style. As the Dean of the David A. Straz-Sinje Technical and Vocational College and Academic Senator, Dr. is serving on some committee including Testing and Evaluation Committee, Academic Coordination Committee, Professional Ethics Committee and the Straz-Sinje Technical and Vocational College Outreach Committee of the University of Liberia.  Cell#0770458457


College Administrative Officers Qualification
No Name Department BSc, MED, PhD
1 John M. Sellu Dean, Straz-Sinje College BPA
2 Mullen O. Paasewe Assistance Dean, Straz-Sinje College

3.            Kula V. Fofana                         Assistant Dean, Student Affairs, Straz-Sinje

        Office of the Dean
1 Kadiatu J. Lumeh Secretary BSc
2 Unise G. Fania Office Assistant BSc
3 Felecia T. Hinneh Expeditor Diploma


Agriculture Science Faculty


No Name Status Qualiationfic
1. Aaron S. Kenneh Instructor III (Coordinator) BSc
2 Joseph L. Taylor Instructor III BSc
3 Vezely J. Guilavogui Instructor II BSc, MSc
4 Jerr. Sirtor Instructor II BSc, MSc


Teachers Education Program Faculty

No Name Status Qualification
1 Ellington Y. Harmon Instructor II (Coordinator) BSc
2 Boimah Q. Taweh, III Instructor III BSc
3 Jusu S. Dunor Instructor II BSc, MSc


Science and Engineering Program Faculty

No Name Status Qualification
1 Dadley D. Toe Instructor II Coordinator) BSc, MSc
2 Charles N. Kortimai Instructor II BSc, MSc
3 Shobayo Dele Instructor II BSc, MSc
4 Emmanuel N. Gontor Teaching Assistant (TA) BSc
5 Ahyouba B. Kamara Teaching Assistant (TA) BSc
6 Abel B. Bloyue Teaching Assistant (TA) BSC
7 Kokolo N’debewillie Teaching Assistant (TA) BSc
8 Vasco S. Kemokai Electrical Lab Technician AA
9 Adolhus Nippae Part-Time Lecturer BSc, MS


Office of Students Affairs

No Name Status Qualification
1 William T. Stubblefield Assistant Dean Of Students Affairs BSc, MBA
2 James M. Harris Senior Coordinator BSc, MPA
3 Alice N. Harris Nurse BS



No Name Position Qualification
1 Hawa K. Fatorma Head Librarian BSc
2 Rita Stevens Assistant Librarian AA


Plant Operations/Farm Department

No Name Position Qualification
1 Jestin L Fahbulleh Farm Manager BSc
2 Bai T. Gray Assistant Farm Manager BSc
3 Jassie S. K. Musa Assistant Supervisor (POD) A. Sc Cand.
4 Fomba Feika Livestock Technicia Cert.
5 Patrick Zodua Assistant Livestock Technician Cert.


Housing Department

No Name Position Qualification
1 Teeteimaaza Housing Officer BSc


UL Police Department

No Name Position Qualification
1 Moses K. Tarpeh Detachmnet Commander Cert.
2 Augustine Fayiah Deetachment Deputy Commander Cert.