Capitol Hill, Monrovia, Liberia, 12 February 2018:  The President of the University of Liberia Dr. Ophelia Inez Weeks is encouraging students of the University of Liberia who failed to register during the regular registration period to now take advantage of the reopened UL registration process and register early rather than wait for the last minute rush.

The University of Liberia reopened the registration process on Wednesday, February 7 and will last until March 10.

Dr. Weeks’ encouragement comes after she visited registration sites on the Capitol Hill and Fendall campuses and observed a slow start to the process with only 37 students completing registration in the first two days of the registration process.

Approximately 8000 students, according to petitions filed by student leaders, are expected to register during this process.

Dr. Weeks said one of the ways to avoid a breakdown in the registration process is for students to register early on; however, she assured students that the university has streamlined the registration process to guarantee a smooth process devoid of delays and bottlenecks.

One of the changes to the registration process she said involves verification, noting that a post-verification exercise will be performed by the Business and Finance Office and the Internal Audit Unit of University of Liberia to ensure that fictitious transactions are voided

Dr Weeks said registration officers stationed at each registration site have been trained and instructed to assist all students wanting to register during the registration period.

According to the new registration procedure, students who make payment at the bank must make three copies of the registration documents and submit two copies to their departments for processing. The registration documents will be subsequently taken to the Electronic Data Processing (EDP) for completion of registration, and students will be notified on when to pick up their completed registration documents.

Meanwhile, with the extension of registration in this semester, there is no further basis for offering first semester courses in second semester and no waiver of readmission fees since all students have the opportunity to register now.