Department Information

Associate Professor Samuel T. Kortue, PhD
Associate Professor Samuel T. Kortue, PhD, Chairman

The Department of History was established in 1862 about the same period the college was established. It is one of the oldest degree granting departments in Liberia College. Apart from the degree, it offers in Liberia College, it trains 50% of the students in Teacher College majoring in History. The unit has a combined instructional staff of 11’ males, five full-time faculty members and six adjunct faculty members.  The Chair of the department is Associate Professor Samuel T. Kortue, he holds a PhD in History.   The Department of History has over the years served as a gateway to the study of International Relations, Law, Human Right advocacy, and Education. The department was established with the primary objective to present an in-depth, accurate clear comprehensive study of the multicultural, social, economic, political and ethnographic development in the major regions or centers of world civilization which include Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Near East, the Americas and Europe from antiquity to the 21st century.

The Department therefore emphasizes an integrated approach to the teaching and study of history. This is fundamental and making both students and teachers to identify, understand and provide the requisite solutions to complex problems or developments affecting their communities and wilder societies as well as the world at large.  The unit has had Ten (10) Chairpersons from 1980 to present, apart from the wars years. The first Chairperson of the Department of History was Dr. J. Pal Chaudhure, Associate Professor from 1980 to 1983.

The course of study for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in History takes four (4) years. A candidate must complete his/her general educational requirement as prescribed by the University of Liberia. History majors are required to complete a total of 36 credit hours in their focal area in addition to 88 credit hours of general course requirement of the University of Liberia academic program. A total of 124 credit hours must be accum1ilated by History Majors in order to qualify for graduation. Career for History Majors, among the jobs a graduate can consider are: Advertising executive, research analyst, broadcasters, consultant, campaign manager, Foreign Service officer, information specialist, intelligence agent, journalist, legal assistant, personnel administrator, researcher and a teacher or lecturer.