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College Overview

Liberia College opened its doors in 1862.  This was a crucial period in Liberian history. The Republic of Liberia, barely fifteen years old, needed trained men and women to run its affairs.  Many believed that a tertiary education institution could accomplish this objective.  It was this thinking that gave rise to the founding of Liberia College in

1856. In 1862 the nation’s founding father Joseph J. Roberts became the first president of Liberia College.  In 1951, Liberia College and the William V. S. Tubman Teachers’ College merged to form the University of Liberia, an estimated total of 188 students had graduated from Liberia College.

Today, there are fourteen academic units in Liberia College, eight of which grant undergraduate degrees.  Sociology remains our breadbasket, as it has led in the number of graduates for at least the last three years.  The Institute of Population Studies, Mass Communication and Political Science alternate for second place.  The College, in partnership with Savannah State University, is offering a new Bachelor degree program in Social Work.

About the Dean


Associate Prof. Josephus M. Gray
Email: grayjm@ul.edu.lr
Cell#: 0880330299

College Administrative Officers

Josephus M. Gray Dean , Liberia College BA, MA, PhD
Euriahs M. Togar Chair, Department of Mass Communication BA, MA
Marcus S. Sokpah Chair, Department of English BSc, MA
Jethro S. Tamba Interim Chair, Department of Geography BA, MA
Zawu Gayflor Chair, Department of French Studies BA, MA
Samuel T. Kortue Interim Chair, Department of History BA, MA, PhD
Oho Odemaro Wilson Acting Chair, Department of Arts & Crafts MA
S. Tarnue Sherman Chair, Department of Political Science BA, MA
 J. kerkula  Foeday Chair, Department of Sociology & Anthropology DSW, LGSW, MA
Kula L. Jackson Chair, Department of Social Science BA, LLB
Michael S. Seator, Jr. Chair, Department of Philosophy BA
Joseph S. Kpukuyou Coordinator, Department of Social Work BSc, MA, MPhil
James S. Momo Chair, Liberian Languages BSc
Fayiah Koijee Chair, Physical Education BBA
James W. S. Gboluma ROTC BA
Geetor S. Saydee Director, Institute of Population Studies BA, MSc, PhD

Department of Mass Communication

The Department of Mass Communication is an integral part of Liberia College. It was established in 1983 through a bilateral agreement between the Liberian Government and the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to train journalists and other Media practitioners. In 1984, actual instruction began.

The Department offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Mass Communication with options for students to major in Broadcast or print Journalism. Students are allowed to select a minor in other disciplines offered by the University. Courses in program are designed to instruct students in the standard practice of communication, specifically journalism.

Department of Mass Communication Faculty

Euriahs M. Togar Assistant Professor /Chair MA
Albert S. Lloyd Instructor-II MA
Senyon Kieh Teaching Assist. BA

Department of English and Literature

The Department of English and Literature offers a four year program of studies leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts (BA). At the same time, it offers courses for freshman and sophomore students who are fulfilling English requirements under general education program of the University of Liberia.

The department also offers service courses in English and Literature for the William V S Tubman Teachers College, Leading to the award of Bachelor of Science degree in English Education.

Department of English Faculty

Marcus S. Sokpah Instructor-I/Chair MA
Peter Sulon Dolo Instructor-I M.ED
Benjamin G. Sumo Teaching Assist. BSc
S.K. Duworko, II Instructor-II BSc
Nurwu Cooper Instructor-I LLB
Samuel G. Cormah Teaching Assist. BSc
Joseph Z. Quoi Instructor-III BSc
Moriah G. Wisseh Instructor-II M.ph
Kula Thompson-Williams Instructor-II MSc
Roselyn H. Swaray Instructor-II MSc
K. Yeboah-Mensa Teaching Assist-I BA
Peter D.N. Duncan Teaching Assist-I BSc
J. Will Mannie Assist. Prof.-II M.ED
Joseph N. Blidi Assist. Prof.-III MA
Nudrat-Haffez Instructor-II MA
Henry R.M. Becker Instructor-I M.ED
James A.A. Morris Teaching Assist. BSc

Department of Geography

The Department of Geography offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in the field of General Geography. In addition to many training programs, the Department of Geography actively engages in research activities, including environmental impact assessment, feasibility studies and related geographic studies.

Department of Geography Faculty

Jethro S. Tamba Instructor-II/Chair MA
David L. Wiles Assist. Prof.-I M.Ph
James K. Mulbah Instructor-II MSc
John M. Beyan Teaching Assist.-I BA
John G.S. Davis Instructor-I MA
Epiphany D. Smith Instructor-I MA


Department of History

The Department of history was established in 1862. The Department was established with the primary objective of presenting an in-depth, accurate and comprehensive study of History. The Department therefore emphasizes an integrated approach to students and teachers to identify understand and provide requisite solutions to complex problems of the development affecting communities and the larger society.

Department of History Faculty

Sameul T. Kortue Assoc. Prof.-III/Chair PH.D
Thomas B. Collins Instructor-II MA
J. Nyema Woart Instructor-III MA

Department of French Studies

The French language was introduced in Liberia’s academic program from late sixties with the immediate and urgent need of providing translators and interpreters to facilities Buchannan-assigned or scheduled OAU Summit of 1976.

To succeed in this venture, two (2) major institutions were given credence including the institution for French studies to train Liberian high school graduates in becoming language teachers for Liberian high schools. And secondly, the Department of French Studies at the University of Liberia which became later a degree granting Department.

Department of French Studies Faculty

Zawu B. Gayflor Instructor-II/Chair MA
Mohammed H. Kpoghomu Instructor-II MA
Pauline T. Browne Instructor-I MA
J. Kornyon Luworza Teaching Assist.-I ADV. DIPLOMA
Alfred Kaneh Teaching Assist.-I MA
Alfred B. Sorsor Teaching Assist.-I BA
Joseph Togba Instructor-III BA
Paula M. Kendor Teaching Assist.-I BA


Department of Arts and Crafts

The Department of Art and Crafts through its program deliver instructions in art education and at the same time enriches the students with specialized training in the field of Arts and Crafts. The art program adds new dimension to the life of the technically oriented student.

Department of Arts & Crafts Faculty

Oho O. Wilson Senior Demonst./Chair MA

Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science was created within the College of Social Sciences and Humanities as an integral discipline proving basic career. The department offers two areas of emphasis- International Relations and Comparatives Politics.  Students in these disciplines are required to complete a total of 124- credit hours for Major, and 18- credit hours for Minor students. In other to accommodate 124- credit hours students are required to do 48- credit hours in their respective disciplines, 64- credit hours prescribed courses from other discipline including 6- credit hours as Elective and 18- credit hours for Minor.

Department of Political Science Faculty

S. Tarnue Sherman Assist. Prof.-III/Chair MA
J. Twaplay Fannoh-Dohr Assoc. Prof.-II MA
Henry G. Lyon Instructor-II MSc
Abraham A. Fofana Instructor-I MHSPS

Department of Sociology & Anthropology

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology was established in 1959 within the College of Liberia Fine Arts now Liberia College.

The Department offers a 4- year program leading to the Bachelor Arts Degree in Anthropology and Sociology. However, from 1959, to 1970; students graduating with concentration either in Anthropology or Sociology were offered Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology.

Department of Sociology & Anthropology Faculty

 J. Kerkula Foeday Assist. Professor & Chairman DSA, LGSA, MA
J. Mac-Nixon Flomo Instructor-II MSc
Saydah W. Taylor Instructor-I MA
Morris K. Wheh Instructor-III MSc
Roseline C. Hunter-Konneh Instructor-II MA
Joseph S. McGill Teaching Assist.-I MA
Charles B. Mayon Teaching Assist.-I BA
Addison Daybah Teaching Assist.-I BA
Patrick N. Nuetah Instructor-II MSc
Morris Ken Instructor-II MA


Department of Social Science

The department of social science was conceived in the early 1970s as a required course offered in Liberia College (college of social science and humanities) for all students at the University of Liberia, except those students in the college of agriculture and forestry (CAF).

The department of Social Science though not a degree granting department at the University of Liberia, has played a pivotal role especially for second year students majoring or minoring in Sociology, Geography, History, Anthropology etc. in Liberia College. Over the years, statistics have proven that this course has been very helpful to the students within the Business, Teachers and Science Colleges in that it introduces them to the culture and historical patterns of the Liberian society, which they find very interesting owing to the pace at which it facilitates social and academic integration.

Department of Social Science Faculty

Kula L. Jackson Teaching Assist.-I LLB
Cornelius Wennah Teaching Assist.-I LLB
Nimely P. Davies Teaching Assist.-I MA
Hassan O. Telema Instructor-I MA
Abana Togba Instructor-II MA
Daniel Makor Instructor-II MA

Department of Philosophy  

The department basically teaches the required and service courses of Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 300), Ethics/ Moral Philosophy (PHIL 307), and Logic (PHIL 403). They are offered every first and second semester of a school year.

Department of Philosophy Faculty  

Michael O. Seator Jr. Instructor/Chair BA
Lemuel H. Harris Instructor-III M.DIV

Department of Social Work

In 2015, a team of social work and sociology professionals comprising Joseph Jonah, Saydah Taylor, Joseph Geebro and Joseph F. Kpukuyou were instructed to develop and present a four year Bachelor Social Work Degree curriculum to the Dean of Liberia College ( Mr. Steve Jubwe).  In September of 2016, a team comprising of Mr. Steve Jubwe, Prof. Sekou Konneh and Joseph F. Kpukuyou presented the four year social work Degree curriculum at the Faculty Senate of the University of Liberia. The Draft social work curriculum was unanimously accepted and endorsed by the Faculty Senate of the University of Liberia as a professional discipline to be taught and implemented at said University.  Thus, the Social work program, for the first time ever, officially started at the University of Liberia in October 2016/2017- first semester academic year.

Social Work Faculty  

Joseph F. Kpukuyou Instructor-I/Coordinator M.Phil
Randolph  Glee Instructor-I MSW
Joseph  Geebro Instructor -II BA,

Department of Liberian Languages

The Department was founded in 1974. The Department was created through the recommendations of the late President Williams R. Tolbert Jr. during his inaugural speech in the 70s. President Tolbert believed common language was cardinal to the Liberian culture, and the president recommended that Kpelle be taught at highest institution of learning.


Kpelle 101 is a Liberian language courses that is open to all student at the University of Liberia. The course will provide students a wide range of opportunity to observe demonstration in Language speaking and participation in lesson drills. The course is in two- folds. The first phrase comprises of theoretical discussions and activities with respect to Language learning, especially a Liberian language. The course will also consider discussion of the importance of greetings and other communication means in local communities. The second phase of the course work will include writing of simple expressions and sentences.


Liberian Languages Faculty

James S. Momo Teaching Assist/Chair BA
Dunne Sannah Teaching Assist. CERT.
George Kiatamba Teaching Assist. BBA

Department of Physical Education   

The physical Education Department is as old as Liberia College. The Department was established in 1862. The Department offers a sport model program. Exercises taught through sport activities such as Soccer, Basketball and Volley ball.  The physical education Department helps students stay mentally and physically strong through well-planned sporting exercises

Physical Education Faculty

Fayia D. Koijee Teaching Assist./Chair BBA
Peters Smith Teaching Assist. BPA
Hannah Bryant Teaching Assist. BSc
Mathias S. Nimely Teaching Assist. BSc
Ausbond Reeves Teaching Assist. ADV. CERT.

Department of ROTC

As the result of the act of the Liberian National Legislature creating Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Program on May 18, 1954, an Executive order number12-54 was published, mandating the then Department of Instruction program , now Ministry of Education and the Department of  War, now Ministry of National Defense respectively to formulate and coordinate strategies for the execution of ROTC program in all accredited high schools, colleges and universities within the borders of the Republic of Liberia, thus making it a required course for study.

The program is designed to provide basic information on and familiarize students with the general activities (constitutional mandate) of the military organization, thus inspiring them to sacrifice self-interest cultivate teamwork, unity discipline, as well as effective leadership, attributes both within the military and other civilian functionaries.

ROTC Faculty  

James W.S. Gboluma Teaching Assist./Chair BA
Junior Forkpah Teaching Assist. BA
Partick D. Wreh Teaching Assist. BSc
David K. Korboy Teaching Assist. DIPLOMA


Department of Demography

The Institute for Population Studies (IPS) formerly Demographic Unit at the University of Liberia was established in 1973 through the  Ministry of Planning & Economic Affairs (MPEA), now Ministry of Finance & Development Planning  with the  assistance  of  United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) with the goal of building the capacity of Liberians in demographic training and  research for socio-economic development and planning purposes. The Institute also conducts basic and applied research in the fields of population studies that are germane to the national socio-economic needs of Liberia.

In 1988, the Institute collaborated with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs and stakeholders in the establishment of the National Population Commission and the preparation of the National Population Policy for Social and Economic Development.  The Institute also collaborates with the Liberia Institute of Statistics & Geo-Information Services ( LISGIS)  and stakeholders for the conduct and analysis  of national censuses and surveys.

The Institute trained 610 local government staff and traditional leaders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on population and development in 2003-2004. The training program was sponsored by the United Nations Population Funds (UNFPA).

Training Programs

The Institute offers BA degree in demography and administers Certificate in Statistics for middle-level statisticians from the private and public sectors.


The training in demography was at minor level since its inception in 1973.  In 2009, the Institute revised curriculum in demography   and was approved by the University of Liberia Faculty Senate to grant bachelor degree in demography.  Hence, since 2009, the Institute now offers both major and minor courses in Demography.

 Certificate in Statistics

The Institute provides middle-level statistics training for individuals in the public and private sectors. The Certificate in Statistics program was organized in 1980. The program is designed and suited to meet sectorial needs for middle-level statisticians who will efficiently collect and analyze statistical data for socio-economic development and decision-making. Candidates for the program are high school graduate and employed with their entity.

Department of Demography Faculty  

Geetor S. Saydee Prof./Director PH.D
Alfred K. Twalla Assoc. Prof.-III MA
Francis Wreh Instructor-II MA
Albert O. Harris Instructor-II MA
Musu P. Twalla Instructor-II MA
Jura A. Lynch Teaching Assist. LLB
Domenique D. Gildersleeves Teaching Assist. BA
Jacob L.W. Pardmore Teaching Assist. BA
Johnson Q. Kei Assist. Professor MA
Geoderick Victor Kumblehn Weah Teaching Assist. BA
Tama W. Boimah Teaching Assist. BA
Dennis Weibge Instructor-II BA
Jlopleh D. Wiagbe Instructor MDM