About UL Libraries

The University of Liberia Libraries were established after the founding of Liberia College in 1862. The Libraries currently consist of nine libraries on four campuses and are organized into four major departments: Acquisitions –  for the purchase and processing of incoming library materials; Cataloging –  for Categorizing and classification of library;  Reference –  for linking library users to resources in the Library;  Circulation – for handling and maintaining records on resources used and borrowed by library users.

However, in efforts to modernize the libraries, other essential departments were set up which include: Serials – for journals, newspapers, Continuations, Documents for significant publications from the United Nations and other international organizations, as well as professional bodies; Africana – for materials covering African history, Politics and government, culture etc. There are total of two hundred titles in this collection which is housed in the Africana Room in the Main Library on Capitol Hill; Reserved Books – for setting aside special course-related titles and high demand materials.

The UL Libraries Collection includes annual reports of the University as well as its individual departments. It also stores UL Commencement Souvenir programs with lists of UL graduates etc. Our Remediation Collection contains an assortment of secondary and lower level resources in Science, Mathematics, Language Arts, etc. The Liberian Collection or Liberiana include a wide range of materials on Liberian history, culture, politics, literature etc.



Users per year

Main Library Cassell Building, Capitol Hill Campus 6212
Graduate Programs and Professional Studies Library GD Building, Capitol Hill Campus 2429
Louis Arthur Grimes Law School Library RH Building, Capitol Hill Campus 3154
Demography Library Capitol Hill Campus 2150
Academic Complex Library I Academic Building, Fendall Campus 4020
Academic Complex Library II Academic Building, Fendall Campus 2410
Engineering Library Engineering Building, Fendall Campus 4881
Science and Agriculture Library Science Building, Fendall Campus
Medical Library Administration Building, A. M. Dogliotti College of Medicine Campus 1153
Sinje Library Administration Building, David Straz Technical and Vocational College Sinje Campus