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The Department of French studies was established in the 1960s. The department was established was primarily to train local translators/interpreters to facilitate the scheduled OAU Summit to take place in Buchanan. Later it became a unit at the University of Liberia with expatiates teaching along with some nationals. Today, the department has become a degree granting entity with no expatriates.

The faculty members of the department are 24, with males representing 18 (75%) and female 6 (25%). Out of these 24 faculties, Full-time Faculty records 8 (33%) and 16 (67%) adjunct-Faculty members. Full-time male faculty is 7 (88%) and 1 (12%) female faculty. For adjunct, 11 (69%) are males and 5 (31%) recorded for female faculty. Nowadays, the department of French Studies is staffed by Liberian trained instructors or graduates from the University of Liberia majoring in French. Currently, the department is made of both graduates from the same department and others from the West African region with emphasis on the language. For the period under review, the department did offer twenty-five (25) sections of French 101 and twenty (20) of French 201.

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