August 4, 2023 | Distinguished guests, esteemed faculty members, and dear students,

Today marks an important occasion in education and development… and a new beginning for Liberia’s aspiring procurement professionals. I am delighted to join you in celebrating the successful launch of the Master of Science in Procurement program at the University of Liberia.  This is a significant milestone in our collective efforts to strengthen this great nation’s human capital and foster its economic growth.

Today’s achievement would not have been possible without steadfast support and collaboration on several fronts.  The project’s investment in establishing a Graduate Resource Center and upgrading teaching facilities owes to its focus on nurturing talent and empowering the youth of Liberia with cutting-edge resources and opportunities.

The University of Liberia has professionalized public procurement through vertical education in procurement — paving the way for aspiring professionals to attain certifications, licenses, and continuing professional development. This initiative has not only strengthened the capacity of the University itself… but has also elevated the standards of public procurement practices in Liberia.

The refurbishment and equipping of the Graduate School Resource Center with state-of-the-art computers, modern furniture, video conference facilities, and a wealth of textbooks have transformed it into a hub of knowledge and learning, providing students with a conducive environment to pursue their academic goals, dreams and aspirations.

The project’s provision of windows, air conditioners, and classroom equipment are about creating a comfortable and stimulating learning environment for students and faculty alike. These efforts have one aim: to foster an atmosphere of academic excellence and innovation on this campus. The fruitful launch of the Master of Science in Procurement program today is only the beginning, and we have high hopes for the success and impact that are to come.

As we inaugurate this flagship program today, we celebrate a new chapter in the University of Liberia’s academic journey.  We also reaffirm our commitment to investing in human capital and building a prosperous future for Liberia. The skills and knowledge students will acquire through this program will equip them to make meaningful contributions to Liberia’s growth, governance, and public procurement processes.

On behalf of the World Bank, I would like to thank the European Union (EU) and Sweden’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for invaluable partnership and unwavering support throughout this transformational journey. I also commend the University of Liberia for its vision and dedication to providing quality education and fostering a culture of excellence.

In closing, I urge all stakeholders – including the government, private sector, and civil society – to continue collaborating with the World Bank and the University of Liberia to expand access to education, develop more specialized programs, and create an enabling environment for the youth. 

And the last word is to the students: you are Liberia’s future.  We believe in you, and we are investing in you.  May you thrive and shape a prosperous future for Liberia! Thank you!  We hope this program plays a key role in advancing Liberia’s progress and prosperity for all.