Less than 24 hours after  her appointment as head of the Special Coronavirus Advisory Team (SCAT) of the University of Liberia  (UL), Dr.  Bernice Dahn, Vice President of Health Sciences, has hit the ground running and the speed of her acceleration seems faster than that of the virus she is now determined to stop from coming anywhere near the University of Liberia.
As a consequence of her outreach to partners, the UL is now poised to receive the following materials: 40 pieces (20 liters) of hand washing buckets and one carton of soap.
Aware of the challenge of containing the virus from spreading at the university which has an enrollment of more than 20,000  students,  Dr. Dahn requested 40 hand washing buckets and what she described as “other IPC materials for the University of Liberia.”
In her communication, Dr. Dahn described the UL as having five campuses with more than 20, 000 students and more than 2000 faculty and staff.
She said the UL has suspended classes for one week as per the Ministry of Education mandate, adding, ”We need to prepare for the return of the students.”
The materials donated will be picked up on tomorrow from the head office of the National Public Health Institute of Liberia in Congo Town, Monrovia.