The Alumni Association of the University of Liberia (AAUL), which has membership both home and T abroad, has been reminded of its very important role and responsibility in ensuring that its alma matter, the University of Liberia (UL) achieves its all – important goals. Guest Speaker Alumna Lucia Massalee Yallah told the audience comprising members of the AAUL and members of the University’s centennial class on University’s Capitol Hill campus Friday, 6 December that the University needs them now, urging that they organize and continue to build an effective association that is second to none. The Guest Speaker says it’s a blessing to see so many of UL Alumni at the program, reconnecting and sharing memories. Madam Yallah thanks former UL President Dr. Emmet A. Dennis for revitalizing the Alumni Association and for encouraging Alumni members to consider found raising and forming a committee which has been very active and instrumental in raising funds. “This Association has a very important role to play in making sure that the University, our University achieves its all-important 2030 goals,” she adds. Addressing the AAUL further, the Guest Speaker remarks that the Association needs to be innovative and creative in creating symposiums and workshops that will advance the best interest of the University. Giving a historical reflection of the University, Madam Yallah reminds the Alumni and prospective graduates that through twist and turns, UL has come a long way and has faced serious challenges since its establishment in its commitment to academic freedom, moral and ethical values. In the early age of its founding, she recalls that Liberia College which later became the University of Liberia was closed due to … conflict. In 1984, she recalls that the University was closed when students and faculty protesting the arrest of two of UL faculty members were attacked by soldiers under the command of Head of State Master Sargent Samuel Kanyon Doe. “Several female students were raped while many more were murdered or injured by soldiers loyal to Doe,” she recounts. Presenting in absentia, UL’s oldest living alumnus in person of Cllr. Samuel Badio of the class of 1963, Prof. Weade Kobbah – Boley, Vice President for Administration says Alumnus Badio was born in [a part of] Maryland County that is now Grand Kru. He earned a Bachelor Degrees in Liberal Arts in 1953 from the University of Liberia. She details that Cllr. Badio served this country in the education sector, and he

Proposed for the first time and got acceptance, for students of schools in Liberia to be allowed to wear uniforms. “Why was that important? A lot of people were trying to send their children to school and couldn’t afford to buy clothing every day. So the uniforms solved that problem,” Prof. Boley narrates. For his part, Dr. Jonathan Taylor, UL Vice President for Graduate Studies, officially presented to AAUL President Mr. John Davis, II, members of the 100th graduating class of 3,721 students that will be entering the AAUL. He says they will be officially inducted on Wednesday, 11 December 2019 during the centennial commencement convocation. Also speaking, the Vice President for UL Relations Atty. Norris Tweah says not every year a commencement is held since the University was founded, either because of economic reasons or [national crisis]. “So we are very, very happy, excited that after 1866 we are now celebrating the largest class. This is history in history. Three years ago we graduated the largest class and we were also excited about it. 3349 students graduated,” he says. Att. Tweah adds: “We thought this was a milestone and it would not be surpassed until another ten years. But Mr. [Melvin] Howard, on December 11 we are putting out the largest class of 3,673.” AAUL President Mr. Davis expresses delight to receive the new members of the Association, encouraging them to give their support to the Institution. Also speaking, the President of the AAUL in the Americas, Mr. Melvin D. Howard encourages Alumni to give financial and moral support to the university. “So guys, our coming here is no mistake, it’s to appeal to your conscience. Let us help this University,” he says.