Ghanaian Realtor Partners with UL for Development of Smart University City

Ghanaian Realtor Partners with UL for Development of Smart University City

UL President Dr. Nelson greets Vega Energy's Vice President Mr. Prempeh
UL President Dr. Nelson greets Vega Energy’s Vice President Mr. Prempeh on Capitol Hill

In furtherance of efforts by Rev. Dr. Julius Sarwolo Nelson’s leadership to achieve infrastructural development,

economic transformation and financial independence at the University of Liberia, the administration has received a team of real estate developers from Ghanaian – based VEGA Energy company which came on a partnership forging mission and to assess the Liberian market.

The Vice President of VEGA Energy, Mr. Joseph Prempeh, along with Mr. Jefferson Gizo, met with UL President Dr. Nelson at his office on Capitol Hill Thursday, June 3, 2021.

Following the meeting between the delegation and the UL administration represented by Dr. Nelson and UL Vice President for Institutional Development and Planning, Prof. Weade Kobbah Boley, Mr. Prempeh said Dr. Nelson’s vision [for a Smart University City] is quite clear and VEGA Energy is ready to partner with the University of Liberia to see it through.  “The idea, working under the vision that he has is to transform this to an ultimate position where the university has become a smart city; and that is why our very model of engagement is going to be different. We are not coming with our ideas to say, okay, this is what we are going to do for you, there’s going to be a creation of a joint working committee,” he said.

Mr. Prempeh, a Civil Engineer, explained that VEGA Energy is seeking a strategic partnership for the infrastructure development at the University of Liberia, noting that his company has a strong background of being real estate developers, and that most of the things to be done at UL will be for development of basic infrastructures.

He named student hostels, a printing press, stadium, clinics and mall as some of the infrastructural development to be undertaken at the University of Liberia when his company and UL finally reach an agreement.

Asked when a contract will be formalized between his company and the University of Liberia, Mr. Prempeh responded that he thinks wherever there is a will, there is a way, elaborating that as quickly as Dr. Nelson sent a team to Ghana to meet VEGA Energy company, the company has responded by coming to Liberia quickly because it sees a leader with a passion for change.

“We are here because we have found a leadership who has a clear vision for transformation of the University. And so, simply put, we are moved by that because of our background being real estate developers in various aspects,” Mr. Prempeh said, adding that his mission to the University of Liberia is derived from the mission of the university.

“And I think, like I say, when there is a will there’s a way. We are here, not too much of fact – finding because the vision has been made plain onto us and we have believed in what they want to do,” Mr. Prempeh added.

The real estate developer assured that if his company gets the things needed to work, action will be seen the next day. He disclosed further that he has a lot of business portfolios in his endeavors, explaining that the delegation came to the University of Liberia basically because his company has been challenged by the clear vision of the leadership of the university. 

According to Mr. Prempeh, he has his technicians here interacting with the university to find out exactly what the university wants to do, describing the joint – working committee as the catalyst for the development of Dr. Nelson’s vision.

Meanwhile, Mr. Prempeh used the interview to encourage the leadership team at the University of Liberia to continue to work together, explaining that transformation everywhere will come as a result of good leadership…“a leader with a passion, a leader with a clear vision and this is what we have found, you know,  with our interaction with the university. And as long as you continue to produce leaders, like that I think the university will be recognized indeed as the brain of this country. And for that, I challenge everyone to, you know, give their whole support to the vision of the leadership.”

In an effort to invest in business activities and help reduce its dependence on government, the University of Liberia has been making frantic efforts to invest in strategic businesses to help it generate additional revenue outside of government subsidies. The investment portfolio researched thus far includes the Lux Insurance Company, the Lux Printing Press, Lux Filling, Lux Radio and Lux Fountain and Water Bottling Company.

Feasibility study and business plan for each of these projects – Lux Insurance Company, Lux Printing Press and Lux Fountain and Water Bottling Company have been conducted.

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