LAWSA Upgrades, Equips Library

LAWSA Upgrades, Equips Library

The outgoing leadership of the Arthur Grimes School of Law Students Association at the University of Liberia has presented a library equipped with brand new computers and expensive law schoolbooks to boost academic research and learning activities at the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law.

The cost of the entire project, which also included painting and other rehabilitation works on the facilities, is approximately US$10,000, according to outgoing law school students’ president Al Varney Rogers.
Mr. Rogers said the presentation of the project came in fulfilment of a promise made a few months back that taking student leadership is not about agitation, but it is about complementing the efforts of administration.
“And we saw the kind of work and the effort and energy Dean Warner has put into making the law school what it is. Part of that is to be able to help in terms of the infrastructure,” Mr. Rogers said.

Additionally, Rogers gave Her Honor Judge Eva Mappy Morgan credit for being the brain behind the project, noting that she started all the push and reached out to ensure that the project became successful despite facing the coronavirus crisis.

The President of the University of Liberia (UL) Rev. Dr. Julius Sarwolo Nelson has extended appreciation to the students for what they have done on the library, assuring them that administration will sell this message to other student leaders and various associations aimed at encouraging them to keep being innovative in contributing in whatever way possible to the upliftment of the university.
He said the administration will always appreciate and give all the support and commitment, adding that students, faculty, staff, and administration are on the same team.

While celebrating the good initiative undertaken by the law school students, Dr. Nelson also recalled that during the 101st Commencement at the University of Liberia, the Management Students, decided to get a minibus to facilitate their professors’ transportation between UL’s Fendall and Capitol Hill campuses.
“So, we are very happy for the innovative and creative spirit of our student leaders. We know that we are all together on the same team,” Dr. Nelson said.

“And whatever little we can do in whatever way to the upliftment of the university, this administration will always appreciate that and give all the support and commitment for our partnership – faculty, staff, students and administration, we are on the same team, and therefore we appreciate what you have done for this library,” Dr. Nelson continued.

In recognition of the innovative work of the students, the Dean of the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law, Cllr. T. Negbalee Warner said “this represents a challenge” that is worth recognizing, adding that what the students did is amazing.
Dean Warner commended the tremendous contribution of the class to the law school, saying “everyone here will testify that from the painting, from the shelves, from the structures, what they did is amazing.”
He also commended the leadership of UL President Dr. Nelson for the step taken further by moving the university’s entrance from paper – based to computer – based at the graduate and professional school levels, disclosing that the law school has secured additional seven laptops and three desktop computers which have been added to the ones it already had.

Meanwhile, Dean Warner disclosed the current class of law school students has told him that it intends to renovate the palaver hut at the law school to make it a two – level structure, one of which will be student center.
Also speaking, former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia, His Honor Philip A. Z. Banks said it is good to see the students themselves taking interest in the upliftment of the school, adding that he takes pride in accepting the donated materials, the facilities and all that the students put into it and have given to the law school.
“Thank you, thank you from the depth of our hearts. Thank you so much,” Justice Banks said, as he announced his own little contribution to the initiative by pledging a brand-new desktop to be donated to the law school.
Additionally, Justice Banks promised to look through his personal libraries and see what materials he can extract from there for onward donation to the law school library at UL.

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