UL Releases 2022 First Entrance Results: A Statement by, Prof. Dr. Julius J.S. Nelson, Jr.

UL Releases 2022 First Entrance Results: A Statement by, Prof. Dr. Julius J.S. Nelson, Jr.

Sept. 8, 2022 | Capitol Hill Campus | 11 00 GMT

Dr. Moses Zinnah, Vice President for Academic Affairs and other members of the University of Liberia Cabinet

Faculty and Staff

General Student Body

Members of the Fourth Estate

Ladies and Gentleman


Today we bring you the official results of the FIRST ENTRANCE & PLACEMENT EXAM AND APTITUDE TEST of 2022 administered from June 21 to July 16, 2022 in which over 13,000 candidates participated. As managers and administrators of this premiere public higher education institution, we are always pleased to see the continuous demonstration of desires by Liberians of varying demography to attain higher education and build their capacities here at the University of Liberia. 

For the current Academic Year our enrollment has exceeded 21,000 and projections for the 2022/2023 Academic Year put us beyond the 25,000 mark. These numbers are really exciting especially in the context of a country that needs much more human capacity enhancement for sustainable economic growth and development. However, it is our responsibility to attract the best and brightest students through these processes as part of the process of ensuring that the quality and standard of our brand remain high. 

In order for the University of Liberia to remain one of the best in the region and on this continent, we must employ, maintain and continue to attract high quality faculty and staff, update learning platforms, upgrade or phase out infrastructure and improve the technology and general facilities (among other things) on all of our campuses. These activities have significant cost implications. So, before we celebrate the success of those who will be joining us in the next school year, here are other numbers from the Office of Enrolment Services that are not so exciting. Payment of tuition and fees is still below 10%. Many students of our Graduate and Professional Schools have huge tuition arrears while Undergraduate students are generally reluctant to pay their registration fees. We are appalled by this as the University of Liberia cannot meet the high expectations of providing quality education to a rapidly growing student population without a sense of obligation on the part of students to pay tuition and fees.

Considering the aforementioned, the UL Administration has decided to take some actions to complement existing policy and encourage payment compliance:

  1. The digital enrolment platform is being tweaked to automatically remove students who are in arrears at the end of the semester.

  2. Undergraduate students will not be allowed to sit for final exams without REGISTRATION COMPLETE confirmation, which is the requirement for student Identification Card.

Therefore we are strongly appealing to all of our students, Undergraduate, Professional and Graduate Schools to joyfully and lovingly pay their registration and tuition fees using the various banking options we have provided as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation, understanding, support and partnership.

The FIRST ENTRANCE & PLACEMENT EXAM AND APTITUDE TEST of 2022 tapped on the success of our digitization and decentralisation process and rolled out a digital entrance at the Undergraduate level for the first time. All of these exercises, in conjunction with the Tuition Free Policy, have improved access to higher education for Liberians of all walks of life regardless of where they live.

At this juncture, I am pleased to invite Prof. Dr. Moses Monroe Zinnah, Vice President for Academic Affairs to lead his team in presenting to us the actual numbers behind the results.

Thank you. 














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