Job Openings General Counsel,T-VET and Others

Job Openings General Counsel,T-VET and Others



The University of Liberia, a multi-campus, public university, is seeking nominations and applications for the position of General Counsel (GC). As chief legal officer of the University of Liberia, the GC provides legal services to the Board of Trustees, University President and senior management team (cabinet). The GC reports directly to the University’s Board of Trustees and to the President, provides legal guidance and counsel in executive and policy decision-making and serves as a member of the President’s cabinet.


The General Counsel is responsible for leading the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) and its present team that includes 4 attorneys and counsellors retained to represent the University. In total, the General Counsel presently oversees 6 employees.


The GC manages the University’s legal representation in all litigation and administrative proceedings. The GC provides counsel and advice concerning compliance with national statutes and regulations affecting institutions of higher education and legal advice, including preventative legal services and legal representation in monitoring and resolving disputes that may lead to litigation. Subject to direction of the Board of Trustees and President, the GC is responsible for resolving all legal claims and initiating and appealing all lawsuits and administrative proceedings.


Due to the unique status of the University of Liberia, the GC should be knowledgeable about constitutional autonomy and be able to provide advice, counsel, and legal support to the Board and President in this area. Additionally, the GC maintains an appropriate framework for internal control to evaluate and protect the University’s legal interests and reduce its legal risks. All University contracts relating to employment, purchasing, real estate, patents and technology marketing, sponsored research, external sales and other activities are subject to GC review.


The GC serves as attorney to the Board of Trustees in legal matters, and communicates legal issues and concerns to the attention of the Trustees, President, and senior Administrators. The GC also is responsible for reviewing all Board resolutions and policies for form and legality.


Essential Qualifications 

  • J.D. degree from an accredited law school.
  • Substantial experience as a practicing attorney in a sophisticated environment such as a reputable, multi-counsellor law firm, government agency, university, or non-profit or business corporation.
  • Significant leadership experience managing the work of attorneys and other professionals and/or in the representation of large complex and highly decentralized organizational clients with multiple stakeholder groups.
  • Maintains a high-level of respect within the bench and bar, and has the ability to be admitted to practice law in the Republic of Liberia.
  • Proven success in providing legal guidance in the context of complex organizations and a deeply held commitment to, and belief in, the value of collaborative decision-making.
  • Experience directly managing or supporting leadership in managing controversial and high profile issues.
  • Demonstrated success in leading, empowering, and delegating effectively to a successful team.
  • Ability to work collaboratively, and to communicate effectively, with multiple and diverse constituencies, such as faculty, staff, students, legislators, corporate partners, community leaders, the public, alumni and donors.
  • Demonstrated commitment and contribution to fostering and advancing equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • High ethical standards with a strong commitment to legal ethics exhibited in knowledge and practice, and professional responsibility.
  • Exceptional analytical, interpersonal, and written and oral communication skills, as well as sound judgment and personal and professional integrity.
  • Visionary, strategic, and inclusive leader committed to the highest standards of excellence.


Preferred Qualifications 

  • Experience in, or understanding of, the public sector and/or higher education environment.
  • Familiarity with the University of Liberia or comparable higher education institution.
  • Understanding and appreciation of the role of the University of Liberia in nation building.


Please send all applications electronically to:


To be assured full consideration, applications must be received beginning May 10, 2019.  Position remain open until filled.



The University of Liberia (UL) is seeking the services of a consultant to lead its efforts to specifically achieve the following:

  1. Expand current programs at David A. Straz Jr.-Sinje Technical and Vocational College in Sinje, Grand Cape Mount County to include TVET Teachers’ Education.
  2. Develop a robust TVET program that is aimed at providing relevant skills to increase access for vulnerable youths to the labor market.
  3. Recruit and provide orientation for staff and teachers.
  4. Identify the first cohort of beneficiaries (from all regions) and recruit them.

1.      Background

UL has a commitment to train and equip young people with marketable and employable skills that are responsive to current and emerging labor market demands, through Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) with an incentivized, demand-driven curriculum complemented by internship and apprenticeship opportunities. UL will achieve this objective by building upon its current technical and vocational training program located at David A. Straz Jr.–Sinje Technical and Vocational College in Grand Cape Mount County. In partnership with relevant stakeholders – business/private, the local authority, current and former practitioners, and youths, the program will design and develop a robust 6-12 month training program in each of five areas to be determined in close consultation with the business/private sector.

2.      Scope of assignment/timeframe

This position is located at the UL Campus. However, the Consultant will conduct consultative meetings in the Western Region and the results of all activities related to the consultations will form the foundation for developing the course contents for the TVET program and for incorporating TVET Teachers’ Training in the current Technical and Vocational Training programs at David A. Straz-Sinje TVC.

This is a 36-week Monrovia-based assignment with frequent travel to the Western Region of Liberia, as well as travels in and around Monrovia. The Consultant is expected to:

  1. Assist with the development of the project concept.
  2. Review current Technical and Vocational programs offered at the David A. Straz Jr.- Sinje Technical and Vocational College with the aim to incorporate a short-term TVET Teachers’ training program as part of its Education program.
  3. Generate and prioritize a comprehensive list of employers in the Western Region and a list of key labor market needs, along with a list of required skills set to support such needs.
  4. Conduct consultations with relevant stakeholders – individually and collectively.
  5. Establish a support team of relevant professionals from NGOs, government, community and the private sector to help review, adjust and approve curricula.
  6. Negotiate more direct links between the private sector and UL through apprenticeship and internship opportunities, curriculum review and adjustment, field trips, and opportunities for private sector staff/experts to support training with much needed skills-training, etc.
  7. Facilitate the draft, review and validation of curricula for the five areas identified and prioritize with private sector engagements.
  8. Facilitate the recruitment, and orientation of both teachers and students.
  9. Facilitate the conduction of a Training of Trainers program for recruited TVET Teachers
  10. Organize a formal launch of the two programs – TVET Teachers’ Training and the TVET programs in the areas listed above.
  11. Develop a monitoring and evaluation plan for the projects.
  12. Develop a tracer study to monitor the post training progress of graduates.

3.      Expected Outcome(s)

  • Labor market-responsive short-term TVET curriculum (in the five program areas) developed in collaboration with relevant sectors, developed and validated.
  • Business/Private sector participation in the technical, vocational education and training sector (TVET), with a view to raising the quality of skills development in line with labour market demands.
  • Five areas of training identified and prioritized in consultation with the business/private sector and other relevant stakeholders.
  • A network of relevant TVET stakeholders established.
  • TVET Teachers’ Training Program developed in collaboration with relevant stakeholders (UNESCO, UNIDO, GIZ, UNDP, OXFAM, GROW, MOA, MCC, MOE, MOYS and the National TVET Teachers’ Association), and incorporated in current teachers’ training program.
  • 300 vulnerable youths to be trained in one of five prioritized training areas with increased opportunity for gainful employment.
  • 12 to be trained new TVET Teachers and support staff recruited and assimilated.
  • A new TVET Teachers’ Training Program (The first and only program of its kind in the country) is launched.
  • New TVET Program providing demand-driven TVET training in five prioritized areas is launched.

Please send all applications electronically to:

To be assured full consideration, applications must be received beginning May 10, 2019.  Position remain open until filled.


Advertisement for Executive Director Alumni Affairs


Executive Director (ED) for Alumni Engagement & Development (AED)

The primary mandate of the Alumni Engagement and Development (AED) team is to engage, steward and provide key services to its alumni through communications, events and strategic initiatives. By building strong connections between the University of Liberia (UL) alumni and the University, our AED unit advances UL’s reputation and encourages increasing levels of pride, engagement and philanthropic support for UL, its mission, and its current and future students.

We are seeking a new and dynamic Executive Director (ED) for Alumni Engagement & Development to provide leadership, vision, and strategic direction to Alumni Affairs and to lead in the development of a comprehensive alumni relations strategy for UL. The ED will serve as the primary liaison between the University and its estimated 25,000+ alumni in Liberia and abroad. The ED will provide leadership to the implementation of Alumni Engagement and Development activities and services, and leadership to the coordination of alumni relations outreach activities and collaborations across the University.

Reporting to the President through the Vice-President, Institutional Development Planning (IDP), the ED will ensure that AED’s key services and activities are aligned with IDP’s mandate, objectives and strategic priorities. The ED will also collaborate with divisional staff, and with senior administration across all Departments and units, to cultivate, develop, and provide leadership to alumni relations efforts locally and globally.

In this leadership role, the ED will serve as a member of the Management Team, and will participate actively in setting and managing divisional policies, priorities and activities. In addition, the ED will act on behalf of AED and will serve in the University as a senior representative of the Unit, championing its services and activities.


UL is on a path of excellence. Cultivating creativity, collaboration and innovation, we are building a culture for student success, academic and research excellence and community engagement that is shaping the global thinking of tomorrow.

UL is largely a teaching university with a developing commitment to research.  UL is committed to pursuing excellence, student success, outreach and partnership by engaging students, faculty, staff, alumni and external partners in multilateral ventures that transform teaching into learning, research into discovery, and service into citizenship.

Founded in 1951 (with origins in 1862), UL is rebuilding to become a leading interdisciplinary teaching and research university, all while staying true to our original values of accessibility, affordability, social responsibility and academic excellence. Presently, we have a student population of about 18,000, a family of more than 25,000 alumni worldwide, 2,000 faculty and staff, four campuses, 8 undergraduate colleges, 5 graduate programs, 3 professional schools, offering more than 1,000 courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and a budget of about $20 million. UL is the largest university in Liberia.

Our creative teaching collaborations have social and scientific impact, and our 50+ international partnerships are helping students think bigger, broader and more globally. We have enormous potential for future development given our location in a region with a youthful, fast-growing population, and enormous potential for innovation.


We are seeking a highly driven leader to lift our Alumni Relations strategy and practices to the next level, and to raise the profile of Alumni engagement work done across the university. The new ED of AED will possess senior leadership experience in a university or comparable public-sector institution, ideally having functioned in alumni/donor relations, fundraising, student recruitment or services, or public relations. Candidates should possess some expertise in revenue-generation functions and programs, and be comfortable with accountability for revenue targets. As well, the ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of the goals and objectives of a university, and of the various constituencies within the University and their influence on decision-making and program execution.

The ED will serve as the face and persona of the AED team. Outgoing and enthusiastic, the ideal candidate will bring energy, ideas, and initiative to the role. A skilled leader and manager, the successful candidate will lead change by establishing clear and measurable goals and objectives, and by effectively engaging staff, volunteers, and colleagues. Poised, professional, and socially versatile, the successful candidate will possess the ability to communicate effectively with diverse populations. In addition to bringing strong verbal and written communication skills, the ED will be an exceptional public speaker who is experienced at representing an organization in front of a variety of groups. The ideal candidate will also be technically savvy, particularly as it relates to digital communication with stakeholders. Flexible and creative, the ideal candidate will possess well-developed analytical, interpretive and evaluative skills in aid of administrative decision-making. The successful candidate will possess excellent judgment, and strong financial and project management skills. Tactful, strategic, and politically astute, the ED will bring demonstrated effectiveness in providing advice across a broad range of matters and in operating in complex situations.


The Executive Director (ED) for Alumni Engagement & Development (AED) is responsible for strategic integration of alumni relations across the University, in support of University priorities and objectives. This is a senior management position within the University and thus the Executive Director exercises a high degree of responsibility and accountability in policy and operational areas. Bearing in mind general goals and the image of the University, and with broad direction of the Vice-President for Institutional Development Planning (IDP), the candidate leads all of Alumni Relation’s strategic planning, organizational implementation and oversight of operations.  A University Degree is required for this position; a UL degree would be an asset for this role.

APPLICATIONS (How to apply)

The application should include (1) a letter describing qualifications and highlighting leadership experiences relevant to the position, (2) current curriculum vitae, (3) professional writing example, and (4) the names, current position titles, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses of at least four references. Application Deadline: Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled.

Please send all applications electronically to:

To be assured full consideration, applications must be received by May 10, 2019. Position will remain open until filled.




The University of Liberia (UL) is a publicly funded institution of higher learning located in Liberia. Authorized by an Act of Legislature in 1851, the school was established in 1862, opened in 1863 as Liberia College and became a university in 1951. UL is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in West Africa and is accredited by the National Commission on Higher Education.

The University of Liberia has eight undergraduate colleges (includes an associate degree college), three professional programs (law, pharmacy, medicine), five graduate programs (business & public administration, international relations, regional planning, education administration, peace & conflict transformation studies) and three institutes (research institute, policy studies & research, Confucius institute). There are approximately 20,000 students at UL’s four campuses in and around the country’s capital city, as well as its Straz-Sinje Campus (associate degree programs) in Grand Cape Mount County (western Liberia). The Montserrado County-based campuses are located on Capitol Hill in Central Monrovia (Law School, Business College & Graduate programs); in Congotown (A. M. Dogliotti Medical School and Pharmacy School); and in Fendall, Louisiana, the campus with the largest enrollment, situated on more than 5,800 acres of land off the Monrovia-Kakata Highway. Five of UL’s eight undergraduate colleges excluding the Business & Public Administration College, are located at the Fendall Campus, 18 miles from Central Monrovia.

The UL administration envisions development of a University City at Fendall with a full range of facilities and services to cater to a projected 30,000+ students, plus faculty and staff, via public-private partnerships (PPP), and direct investments on a profit-sharing basis. UL’s charter empowers it to lawfully utilize its assets to generate income from such investments to enhance its endowment, support the growth of the University, and improve the profile of its faculty and student body.

Investment opportunities under consideration include:

  1. Faculty, Staff and Students Housing
  2. Multi-purpose Sports Complex/Stadium and Fitness Center
  3. Shopping Mall/s including Supermarket and Food Court
  4. Health/Medical Facilities
  5. Botanical and Zoological Conservation Park & Sanctuary
  6. Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Schools & Playgrounds
  7. Performing Arts Theater/Center
  8. Convocation Hall
  9. Presidential Centres Complex
  10. Religious Complex
  11. University Farm & Farmers’ Market
  12. Water Works
  13. University Library
  14. Printing Press
  15. Museum of Natural History & Culture
  16. Solar Farm
  17. Cemetery



The Investment Consultant is a results-based position reporting, in consultation with the Vice President for Institutional Development and Planning (VPIDP), directly to the President of the University of Liberia. The Consultant will provide technical guidance and ongoing support to ensure holistic achievement of UL’s objectives to develop a high-quality University City. In consultation with the members of the University’s Development Committee through the VPIDP, the Consultant will devise and implement strategies to optimize every means lawfully permitted under UL’s Charter to generate surplus resources to enhance its endowment while improving the quality of instruction, living environment and job opportunities for its students, faculty, and staff. The Consultant will be a proven leader who can work independently, and have the necessary entrepreneurial drive and technical expertise to attract credible, financially and technically sound investment partners both domestically and internationally to advance the above objectives.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Refine the draft development plan of the University of Liberia to conform to present-day market conditions and opportunities, including agribusiness and green energy;
  • Develop a strategy to practically sequence and include cost-benefit justifications of critical path investments required within the next 5-10 years;
  • Coordinate feasibility studies for at least 5 critical path investment projects;
  • Identify and engage sound strategic partners for PPPs or direct investment;
  • Include job creation potential for students and staff in various projects developed;?•Identify, train, manage, and mentor a core group of University staff for organizational growth to implement the updated UL Development Plan;
  • Maintain viable relationships with relevant local and foreign stakeholders, including financial institutions, investment funds and social investors.


  • Master’s degree in business administration, finance and/or economics;
  • At least 10 years of experience in investment banking, commercial banking, business development and project management;
  • Extensive knowledge and practical expertise in business development services, project proposal writing, investment promotion, and local economic development;?• Proven ability to manage staff effectively and lead local team in a results-oriented organization;
  • Ability to liaise effectively with a wide range of stakeholders, e.g., government officials, commercial banks, and international investors;
  • Competency in organizational assessment and development, with demonstrated track-record of building and sustaining successful organizations;
  • Excellent writing and verbal communications skills in English;
  • High level of computer literacy, especially Microsoft Office, and Internet skills;
  • Integrity and professional discretion.

Compensation:  Initially, very basic consultancy fee commensurate with                                       experience, replaced by performance-based commission.

How to Apply:            Please email letter of application and detailed CV with                                 compensation requirements by May 10, 2019 to:

The position will remain open until filled. No telephone inquiries, please. Only short- listed applicants will be contacted.



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