UL Teaching Learning Center to Conduct Training for Faculty

UL Teaching Learning Center to Conduct Training for Faculty

The University of Liberia’s Teaching Learning Center (TLC) is expected to conduct its third training workshop for faculty soon. The workshop is scheduled take place next month and will focus on Technology.

UL Faculty members  will be trained to establish and maintain emails, Google tools that are effective in the curriculum, smart board, how to create podcast lessons, as well as hot to create and maintain a Teacher’s Excel Grad eBook, among others.

According to the Executive Director of the TLC, Dr. Emmett C. Dennis, said, “If the University of Liberia is to be among the top twenty universities in West Africa in seven years, as hoped for by its President Dr. Weeks, then it  must provide professors with the requisite equipment, tools and training necessary for them to teach using  21st Century technology.”

Dr. Dennis bemoaned the lack of classroom presentation technology as an impediment for anyone with such knowledge to share with other professors. The TLC director made specific reference to the lack of projector in classrooms, pull-down screen, smart board, whiteboard, interactive whiteboard devices, and laser presenters as being serious challenges faced by the institution.

“If we want students of our university to compete with students of other universities, then we need to expose them to the technology that will put them on par with their peer students, he said.

Dr. Dennis said the TLC aims to create a platform that will facilitate the orientation of newly recruited faculty members who have had no teaching experience; something he thinks will help to strengthen the quality of teaching at the University of Liberia.

“The TLC will provide training at all levels of development for both faculty and students and serve as a vehicle for long term improvement of faculty, staff, students and program development at the University of Liberia,” he added.

He said the TLC will provide regular teachers’ evaluation, monitor student learning and provide training and tutorial programs at all levels of the university in order to make teaching effective.

“The TLC is committed to facilitating activities as well as coordinating national education programs toward establishing a learning environment that will promote the culture of teaching experiences and quality learning across Liberia,” he said. “Academic interventions, education coordination and knowledge sharing are the three pillars upon which the TLC stands..”

The Teaching Learning Center of the University of Liberia was approved by the UL Board in May of 2018 for the so purpose to spur innovation, creativity and professionalism within the body of the University of Liberia Faculty members by promoting teaching excellence, academic integrity, research awareness, training and scholarship.

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