VP Howard-Taylor Craves Private Sector Driven Youth Empowerment

VP Howard-Taylor Craves Private Sector Driven Youth Empowerment

Liberia’s Vice President, Honorable Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor, says university graduates must rally more efforts to empower themselves by engaging in meaningful activities through the private sector. “We should stop thinking that everybody that leaves the University will.get hired in government. It’s impossible”, VP Taylor stated.

Madam Taylor noted that the Liberian Government is at the moment overwhelmed with more people on the payroll than it can provide for. “Right now we are overwhelmed because there are more people working in government than they should. And then all of the support you should be getting in other areas is not coming because you can’t do two things at the same time”, Vice President Howard-Taylor explained.

She made these remarks when she hosted the President and Founder of the African Children’s Talent Discovery Foundation (ACTDF), Dr. Noah Dallaji,  and his delegation on the Capitol Hill Campus of the University of Liberia on Friday, October 29, 2021.

According to the VP, she had gotten into a partnership with ACTDF and assured that a few things would be done as a consequence of their visit to Liberia.

“This is my alma mata and so it was not strange when I got a call for such a delegation that was coming to Liberia to make an impact that I will bring them here. I couldn’t miss such opportunity when there was something coming around the tunnel to make sure you are involved”,  the Vice President asserted.

She said it was incumbent upon her as an alumna and member of the UL Board of Trustees to continue seeking support to the University that desires so much for quality learning and teaching. 

She admonished  university graduates to begin to exert themselves and create innovations that will improve their lives. “We must create a new calibre of Liberians that will become part of the private sector… You can start at the grassroot level and in subsequent times you can have your own agencies and organizations”, She assured.

Her Excellency disclosed that a conversation was held with ACTDF Executives to establish an office in Liberia, void of politics because she wants it to succeed. According to her, more people will have opportunities beyond the UL but she thought to engage the UL first, noting, “…because UL is my home”.

She revealed that a proposal for ACTDF to establish a technology hub in Liberia that enhances business and entrepreneurship has been considered.

Dr. Dallaji and his delegation were visiting Liberia to expand the ACTDF support to young people in the areas of health, education, scholarships,  Information Communication Technology and sports.

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