Dr. Nelson: “We Won’t Make Centennial Graduation “Lazy.”

Dr. Nelson: “We Won’t Make Centennial Graduation “Lazy.”

“We will do everything on our part to make sure that we will not make the Centenary graduation “lazy”—you will enjoy yourselves,” said Dr. Julius S. Sarwolo Nelson, UL President, amidst cheers, at the groundbreaking ceremony of the UL Centennial Class project on Wednesday, November 20, 2019.

Describing the Centennial Class as a ‘special one’ in the history of the University, Dr. Nelson termed as a ‘wonderful undertaking,’ the class’ decision to do a project that, in his words, “will bring relief to students, UL faculty and the entire university family.”

“We appreciate this project, and working with student affairs and all it be, the university will not be left out and we will work with you to complete the project because it will add something special to our students and faculty,” he stated.

The Centennial Class is constructing a terminal on the Fendall campus that will connect the Academic Building to the College of Engineering. The project is estimated at US$34,000.00 and construction work is expected to begin at the month.

According to the president of the Centennial Class, Ms. Annie Flomo, the project will take one month to complete.

“When complete, students who commute between the Academic Building and the College of Engineering through Science College will no longer walk in the blazing sun and torrential rains, as they will walk under a well- constructed and covered terminal to get to classes in those buildings,” she said.

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