The University of Liberia (UL) through its Center for Testing and Evaluation (CTE) has released the results for its first Entrance and Aptitude Test for 2022.

A total of 12,338 candidates sat for the Undergraduate Colleges Entrance and Placement Exam, while 1,040 candidates sat the Graduate and Professional Schools Aptitude Test. 

Out of the total  number of candidates who participated, 5,053 candidates passed successfully.

At a press conference held on Thursday, September 8, 2022 to officially release the results, UL President Prof. Dr. Julius Julukon Sarwolo Nelson, Jr., said the first entrance and placement exam and aptitude test  was administered from June 21 to July 16, 2022, in which over 13,000 candidates participated. 

President Nelson said  the first entrance and placement exam and aptitude test for 2022 tapped on the success of UL’s digitization and decentralization process and rolled out a digital entrance at the Undergraduate level for the first time. 

“All of these exercises, in conjunction with the Tuition Free Policy, have improved access to higher education for Liberians of all walks of life regardless of where they live,” he said.

In a brief remark, Dean Ezekiel Haile, Chairperson of the Testing Committee, University of Liberia, said the committee was formulated, appointed by the President of the university in March this year, and tasked to administer the entrance exam and aptitude test.

The committee successfully administered the first entrance and aptitude  test for 2022 following its appointment.

Assistant Prof. Moses Hinneh, Executive Director, Center for Testing and Evaluation (CTE), said the number of candidates who made a regular pass (those who passed all subjects successfully) was 5,053 candidates.

Also announcing the results for the Graduate and Professional Schools aptitude tests, Assistant Prof. Calvin Alvin Gaye, Deputy Director, CTE, said a total of 1,058 candidates registered for the Graduate and Professional school aptitude tests.

In a summary, he said 300 candidates sat the  Law School test, of which there were 43 successful candidates, 257 unsuccessful candidates, and 15 candidates absent.

For the Graduate School, he said 480 candidates sat the test, of which 240 candidates were successful, and 240 candidates unsuccessful. 

For Medical School, he said 209 candidates sat the test; 40 were successful and 169 were unsuccessful.

For the School of Pharmacy, he said 40 candidates sat the test; nine of them were successful, and 31 were not successful.

The University of Liberia also announces that registration for the second entrance for 2022 will start on 12 September and will end on 22 October 2022.

The second entrance will be administered on 5 November 2022.