UL 102nd Graduating Class Leadership Inducted

UL 102nd Graduating Class Leadership Inducted

The leadership of the 102nd graduating class of the University of Liberia (UL) has been inducted to steer the affairs of the class with a vow to work closely with Administration and members.

During the induction ceremony held on the Fendall Campus of the university on Friday, September 17, 2021, Mr Josiah S. Quiminee, President of the 102nd Graduating Class, said it was a historical day which was all about making the University of Liberia a great one. He said having been given the mantle of authority to preside over the class leadership, he and his team will be running a “corporate” class leadership and not a “revolutionary” one, and that  their decisions will be based on consultations and cooperation with the Administration of the University of Liberia. “We will categorically inform you that our leadership will be one of the best the University of Liberia has ever produced,” he added.

Quiminee noted that his leadership and the UL Administration have agreed on one of the institutions that will produce the best souvenir materials, emphasizing that they will have state-of-the-art quality products and the materials will be made available in time.

Vice President for Administration, Madam Benetta J. Tarr, representing the President of the University of Liberia at the induction ceremony

On behalf of the leadership and members of the graduating class, Quiminee applauded the University of Liberia Administration and Faculty for their farsightedness and smart innovative act of introducing an online application platform for the 102nd graduating class.

The guest speaker, Dr. Nowiah Gorpudolo – Dennis admonished the President of the graduating class to be humble and not see himself as better than those who have given him the opportunity to serve. “Because pride is the one that comes before destruction, for us Christians, that is what is in the Bible,” Dr. Gorpudolo – Dennis said, adding that your selection to lead does not mean that you are better than your colleagues.

Dr. Gorpudolo – Dennis stated that leadership is all about knowing your goals and setting to achieving them, saying if you don’t have the attitude, you can’t be a leader.

Representing the President of the University of Liberia, Rev. Prof. Dr. Julius Julukon Sarwolo Nelson, Jr., the Vice President for Administration, Madam Beneta Joko Tarr admonished members of the graduating class to be careful of what they think “because your thoughts become your words, your words translate into your character, your character determines your destiny.”

She told the students that everyone is a leader in their own little domain, but how they exemplify that leadership is going to impact others. V.P. Tarr challenged members of the graduating class to practice speaking properly for easy expression of their thoughts when interacting with their peers from other countries in the future. 

Officers inducted by Madam Tarr for the Naa Neeni Mà Class of 2020/2021 were Mr. Josiah S. Quiminee (President), Mr.  James D. Hallie (Vice President) and Ms. Abigail A. A. Dorbor (Secretary General). 

According to the class leadership, the name of the 102nd Graduating Class (Naa Neeni Mà) comes from the Lorma language and it means “Fruitfulness.”

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